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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title Department Phone
LaQuinn Adams Athletics
Allyson Albrecht Adjunct Theatre
Duane Ambrose Assistant Professor Kinesiology (616) 632-2896
Victoria Anderson Assistant Director Financial Aid
Michelle Anderson Associate Professor Education (616) 632-1039
Cheryl Ankiel Staff Campus Dining
Danielle Armstrong Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Briana Asmus Assistant Professor Education
Christopher Asplund Building Custodian Custodial
Lynn Atkins-Rykert Graduate Programs Coordinator Graduate Programs (616) 632-2924
Paul Austin Adjunct Lecturer, French Horn Music
Penny Avery Program Director Theatre (616) 632-2060
Penny Avery Professor, Chair Communication (616) 632-2060
Todd S Avery Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Brigid M Avery Director of Career Services/Internship Director Advantage Center
Thomas E Bahl Associate Professor Biology (616) 632-2185
Robb Bajema Associate Professor Biology (616) 632-2182
Adam Baker Campus Dining
Amy Baldwin Wege Supervisor Food Services
Sr. Mary Ann Barrett Alumni Engagement Officer Institutional Advancement (616) 632-2164
Alexander Barringer Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Amy Barto Visiting Assistant Professor Education
Larry Barton Adjunct Lecturer, Liturgical Music Studies Music
Mary Bauer Adjunct Assistant Professor English
Hannah Bechtold Coordinator International Programs (616) 632-2067
Andrea Benyovszky Adjunct Assistant Professor Education
John Patrick Bequette Adjunct Lecturer Theology
Andrew Bergeron Adjunct Associate Professor, Guitar, Composition Music
Yesenia Bernal-Alcala TRIO SSS Experiential Learning Coordinator and Advisor Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence (616) 632-2131
Ryan Bertoia Head Coach, Men's Basketball Athletics (616) 632-2478
Julie Bevins Writing Center Coordinator, SSS Program Advisor Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence (616) 632-2168
Matthew Bland Staff Athletics
Chad Bocian Adjunct Kinesiology
Corey Boehm Program Administrator OLLI (616) 632-2430
Zachary Boensch Campus Safety
Brendan Bohnhorst Lecturer of Music, Tuba Music
Javon Borst Adjunct Associate Professor Art
Ian Borton Professor Communication (616) 632-2121
Stefani Boutelier Associate Professor Education (616) 632-2178
Kaitlyn Bowen Adjunct Lecturer Kinesiology
Kevin Boyd Assistant Professor Chemistry (616) 632-1058
Christopher Breay Adjunct Professor History
Kimberly Brems Adjunct Associate Professor Communication
Paul Brewer Associate Professor Emeritus, Jazz Trombone Music
Daniel Brooks Professor English (616) 632-2068
Scott Brown Assistant Professor Kinesiology (616) 632-2441
Sarah Bruursema Administrative Assistant Student Affairs
James Bucher Dispatcher Campus Safety
Edward Bueche Adjunct Assistant Professor Accounting
Thomas Bulley Staff Athletics
Anthony Burdick Associate Professor, Chair Accounting (616) 632-2927
Robert Burdick Adjunct Assistant Professor Art
Courtney Burnett Office Coordinator Counseling, Health & Wellness
Shannon Burton Adjunct Professor Management
Steven Buyze Building Custodian Custodial
Laura Byers Adjunct Associate Professor Psychology
Stéphane Bédère Associate Professor, French and Spanish World Languages (616) 632-2118
Ricardo Caceres Biology Lab Coordinator Biology (616) 632-2403
Jonathan Calkins Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Suzanne Callahan Adjunct Professor Business Administration
Ryan Campbell Head Coach, Women's Volleyball Athletics (616) 632-2933
Kevin Cantley Assistant Professor Accounting (616) 632-2928
James Capehart Adjunct Lecturer Philosophy
Zenon Cardenas Emergency Management Campus Safety
Jake Castillo Drumline Instructor Music
Carl Cena Supervisor Maintenance
Elizabeth Chamberlain Admissions Counselor Admissions (616) 632-1049
Claudette Charney Deputy Athletic Director Athletics (616) 632-2474
Alexander Choffel Custodial
Tyler Chrysler Physical Plant
Nanette Clatterbuck Adjunct Lecturer Education
Emily Cobb Degree Audit/Technology Specialist Registrar's Office (616) 632-2158
Kelly Cogbill Maintenance Apprentice (Electrical) Maintenance
Robin Connell Adjunct Assistant Professor, Jazz Piano Music
Rebecca Coogan Associate Professor English (616) 632-2833
Ashley Cooper Admissions Counselor Admissions (616) 632-2854
Larry Copeland Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball Athletics
Barbara Corbato Adjunct Lecturer, Viola Music
Matthew Coty Adjunct Lecturer Mathematics
Ted Craig Director of Athletic Bands Music (616) 632-1036
Natalie Crane Director Financial Aid
Michael Crane Head Coach, Men's Volleyball Athletics (616) 632-1037
Kendra Cribley Adjunct Assistant Professor Business Administration
Claire Crowley Adjunct Assistant Professor Kinesiology
Daniel Cruikshanks Professor, Chair Psychology (616) 632-2153
David Cunningham Director NetVUE
Michael Curry Assistant Professor Economics (616) 632-1570
Rachel Curtis Campus Visit Coordinator Admissions (616) 632-2851
Alicia Córdoba President President's Office
David DaPrato Adjunct faculty Kinesiology
Stephan Davis Faculty Catholic Studies (616) 632-2848
Kate Davis Senior Director Institutional Advancement (616) 632-2817
Stephan Davis Associate Professor, Chair Theology (616) 632-2848
Madisen Davis Assistant Coach, Women's Bowling Athletics
Jennifer Dawson Associate Professor English (616) 632-2828
Steven de Polo Adjunct Lecturer Community Leadership
Michelle De Rose Professor English (616) 632-2826
Michelle De Rose Professor Irish Studies (616) 632-2826
Mike Dean Sports Information Statistician Athletics
Michael DeBoer Supervisor, Grounds Physical Plant
James DeCosemo Head Coach, Women's Soccer Athletics (616) 632-2470
Tanner Deegan Assistant Coach, esports League of Legends Athletics
Andrew Degood Assistant Coach, Baseball Athletics
Fr. Jordan DeGuire Chaplain Campus Ministry (616) 632-2490
Brea Dejong Assistant Coach, Womens Lacrosse Athletics
Dave DeJonge Senior Director Strategic Communications (616) 632-2059
Mary Dempsey Counselor Counseling, Health & Wellness
Jeanne Dewaard Adjunct Assistant Professor General Education
Christine Dewildt Coordinator of Accessibility Services Accessibility Services (616) 632-2177
Joan Dewitt Staff OLLI
Ann Dickinson Adjunct Lecturer Theater
Paulo Diniz de Souza Pinto Staff Athletics
Brian Divita Department Chair, Business; Associate Professor Business Administration (616) 632-2929
David Downer Adjunct Field Supervisor Education
Jillian Duffy Adjunct Assistant Professor Mathematics
Jason Duncan Faculty Catholic Studies (616) 632-2837
Jason Duncan Professor History (616) 632-2837
Roger Durham Palmatier Endowed Professor Political Science (616) 632-2840
Kelsey Edwards Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Jessica Eimer Bowen Director Sustainability (616) 632-1994
Alex Eisen Sports Information Director Athletics (616) 632-1044
Jill Elkins Building Custodian Custodial
Jenelle Ensing Assistant Coach, Dance Athletics
Ann Erhardt Adjunct Assistant Professor Sustainable Business
Eric Essick Adjunct Assistant Professor Biology
Joshua Evers Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Volleyball Athletics
Sandra Farley Assistant Director of Academic Advising Registrar's Office (616) 632-2873
Thomas Ferratt Adjunct Professor Computer Information Systems
Tylor Fick Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Swim & Dive Athletics
Michael Fillman Adjunct Lecturer Education
Mat Finlay Assistant Coach, Men's Rugby Athletics
Joseph Finster Officer Campus Safety
Stephanie Fisher Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball Athletics
Rebecca Flaherty Assistant Professor Biology (616) 632-2194
Jason Flannery Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Elizabeth Flores Registrar and Director of Academic Advising Registrar's Office (616) 632-2976
D'Angelo Flores-Layva Staff Campus Dining
Bill Foley Assistant Professor Business Administration (616) 632 2426
Bryan Forney Adjunct Lecturer Physics
DJ Foster Athletic Communications Athletics (616) 632-2442
DJ Foster Director, External Relations Strategic Communications (616) 632-2442
Joseph Fox Professor, Chair Mathematics (616) 632-2156
Dana Freeman Professor, Chair Art (616) 632-2408
Caroline Freihofer Adjunct Assistant Professor, Violin Music
Jonathan Fritz Assistant Professor Chemistry (616) 632-2190
Danna Fuller Adjunct Assistant Professor Art
Susan Furtwangler Adjunct Lecturer Education
Kyle Gagneau Head Coach, Men's Hockey Athletics (616) 632-2470
Donald Galster Assistant Coach, Softball Athletics
Esperanza Garcia Student Engagement Coordinator, CDI&E Student Affairs
Valentina Garcia Admissions Counselor Admissions (616) 632-2857
Yashowanto N Ghosh Associate Professor Mathematics (616) 632-2149
Derrick Gibson Officer Campus Safety
Kathy Gibson Adjunct Lecturer, Contemporary and Jazz Voice Music
Sgt. Claire Gill Dispatcher Campus Safety
Pat Gillies Assistant Coach, Baseball Athletics
Holli Gipson Adjunct Lecturer English
Kim Gonzalez Operations Support Specialist Physical Plant
Jordan Good Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Jason Good Sustainable Business
Joanne Gorant Assistant Professor Kinesiology (616) 632-2899
Adel Gougam Adjunct Physics
Matthew Grady Officer Campus Safety
Kristin Graef Adjunct Professor General Education
Stephanie Grey Administrative Assistant and Records Specialist Education
John Griffin User Support Analyst ITS
Chad Gunnoe Professor History (616) 632-2834
Chad Gunnoe Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs (616) 632-2834
Linda Hagan Professor, Director, Graduate Management Program Business Administration (616) 632-2193
Dale Haisma Director Physical Plant
Annie Hall Adjunct Philosophy
Morgan Haner Adjunct Lecturer, Studio Recording Music
Lindsey Hansen Director Admissions (616) 632-2878
Paul Hardaker Adjunct Professor, Trumpet Music
Scott Harman Assistant Professor and Director of Theatre Production Theatre (616) 632-2999
Cameron Harper Graduate Assistant, Athletics Athletics
Amy Hasapis Adjunct Associate Professor Communication
John Hauck Custodian Custodial
Sara Haviland Director, Student Success Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence (616) 632-2167
David Hebert Associate Professor Economics (616) 632-2934
Dana Hebreard Adjunct Management
Lee Heerspink Lecturer in Music, Jazz Guitar Music
Barbara Heitz Manager Bookstore
Chad Heldman Systems Administrator ITS
Kaitlyn Henninger Adjunct Lecturer Business Administration
Brenda Hennink Director & Nursing Liaison Adult Student Recruitment (616) 632-2923
Timothy Henshaw Associate Professor Chemistry (616) 632-2188
Kristy Hepp Head Coach, Men's & Women's Swim & Dive Athletics (616) 632-2470
Jennifer Hess Professor, Chair Biology 616-632-2186
Austin Hicks Accountant, Senior Business Office (616) 632-2921
Alyssa Hoff Supervisor, Creative Dining Food Services
Matt Hoffman Director, Events and Sponsorship Institutional Advancement (616) 632-2820
Lance Hohaia Head Coach, Men's Rugby Athletics (616) 632-2470
Susan Hojnacki Assistant Professor Education 616-632-2432
Susan Hojnacki Assistant Professor World Languages 616-632-2432
Brooke Holsbeke Dining Administrative Assistant Dining Services (616) 632-2968
Oliver Hoppe Dispatcher Campus Safety
Tommy House Adjunct Professor Sociology
Matt Houseman Assistant Coach, Softball Athletics
Charles Hoven Catering Manager Dining Services (616) 632-2965
Stephanie Hovnanian Lecturer of Music, Clarinet Music
Michael Huene Adjunct Associate Professor Education
Kyle Hull Assistant Professor Communication (616) 632-2063
Rebecca Humphrey Associate Professor Biology (616) 632-2448
Mary Hurd Associate Professor, Piano, Musicianship courses Music (616) 632-2419
Katharina Häusler-Gross Coordinator of the German Studies Program, Professor of German Studies and Foreign Language Methodology World Languages (616) 632-2122
Katharina Häusler-Gross Associate Provost for Engagement and Outreach Academic Affairs (616) 632-2122
Michael Ingram Director Campus Ministry (616) 632-2489
Jon Jardis Athletic Operations Graduate Assistant Athletics
Michelle Jeffries Adjunct, Inquiry & Expression General Education
Caleb Jenkins Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Elizabeth Jensen Professor, Chair Chemistry (616) 632-2189
Samer Jeroudi Adjunct Lecturer, Chamber Strings Ensemble and String Techniques Music
Sam Johnson Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Chloe Johnson Assistant Coach, Men's and Women's Golf Athletics
Mindy Johnson Applications Director ITS
Kessler Jones Adjunct Theatre
Madeline Kaczmarczyk Adjunct Professor Art 616-632-2412
Thomas Kaechele Adjunct Theatre
Sr. Justine Kane Interim Dean Education (616) 632-2045
Victor Karandashev Professor of Psychology Psychology (616) 632-2155
Suzanne Keep Associate Professor Nursing (616) 632-2823
Anne Keller Adjunct Lecturer General Education
Fr. Robert Keller Adjunct Professor Theology (616) 632-1031
Fr. Robert Keller Chaplain Campus Ministry (616) 632-1031
Lonnie Keller Systems Administrator ITS
Michaeleen Kelly Adjunct Professor Sociology
Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush Professor, Department Chair Kinesiology 616-632-2898
Brad Keuning Assistant Professor Accounting (616) 632-2922
Linda Keway Visiting Lecturer Counselor Education
Taylor Kidd Assistant Coach, Cheer Athletics
Jack Kilcrease Adjunct Lecturer Philosophy
Bethany Kilcrease Professor History (616) 632-2429
Michael Kivinen Adjunct Associate Professor Psychology
Chris Klaiber Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse Athletics (616) 632-2470
Jessica Kline Program Specialist Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence (616) 632-2165
Kelly Klotz Academic Advisor Registrar's Office
Harold Klukowski Head Coach - Men's & Women's Bowling Athletics (616) 632-1032
Emily Koelzer Archivist Library
Susan Kohloff Program Administrator OLLI (616) 632-2430
Tanya Kooistra Adjunct Lecturer Education
Ryan Koontz Sports Information Graduate Assistant Athletics
Steve Kooy Adjunct Lecturer Sustainable Business
Haley Kozal Admissions Counselor Admissions (616) 632-2877
Seth Kreeger Adjunct Lecturer Philosophy
Peter Kurdziel Lecturer in Music, Organ Music
Kevin Kwiatkowski Director Campus Safety 616-632-2467
Matthew Laird Adjunct Lecturer Physics
Chris Lamange Head Coach, Baseball Athletics (616) 632-1078
Olivia Lambert Copy Center
Christopher LaPorte Associate Professor Art 616-632-2424
Nathan Lareau Visiting Assistant Professor Art 616-632-2423
Richard Latimer Assistant Professor Computer Information Systems (616) 632-2425
Jack Latta Adjunct Lecturer, Percussion Music
Delany Lemke Writer & Editor Strategic Communications (616) 632-2818
Jen Lendrum Assistant Professor, Chair Sociology (616) 632-2974
Alexander Lentine Officer Campus Safety
Liz Lerczak Lee Assistant Athletic Director - Athletic Operations Athletics (616) 632-2481
Angela Leuchtmann Adjunct Lecturer of Education Education
Jamey Limbers Adjunct Art (616) 632-2411
Nathan Lindy Adjunct Lecturer Physics
Alicia Lloyd Dean of Students Student Affairs (616) 632-2455
Thomas Lockwood Adjunct Music
Mary Lohman Adjunct Assistant Professor Kinesiology
Michael Lorr Professor Sociology (616) 632-2433
Michael Lorr Director Community Leadership (616) 632-2433
Sgt. Derrald Losey Officer Campus Safety
Karen Loth Institutional Advancement
Kate Luebke Technical Services Coordinator Library
Giuseppe Lupis Adjunct Lecturer, Piano Music
Hannah Mabie Adjunct Art
Randall MacGeorge Campus Logistics Coordinator Logistics (616) 632-2066
Kasey Magnuson Adjunct Assistant Professor Psychology
Christopher Mahlmann Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Daniel Malakowsky Adjunct Assistant Professor Education
Roman Malkov Assistant Coach, Men's Hockey Athletics
Kimberly Mallory Campus Dining
Dan Mancilla Assistant Professor English (616) 632-2832
Dan Mancilla Catholic Studies Faculty (616) 632-2832
Carmen Maret Adjunct Assistant Professor, Music History, Entrepreneurship, Technology Music
Catherine Marlett-Dreher Adjunct Theatre
Dennis Marshall Professor Theology (616) 632-2847
Dennis Marshall Faculty Catholic Studies (616) 632-2847
Mies Martin Interim Assistant Library Director Library
Jennell Mason Staff Campus Dining
Sarah Matthews Instructor of Spanish World Languages
Brian Matzke Interim Vice President Enrollment Management (616) 632-2073
Mandee Matzke Associate Vice President Operations
Michele Mazurek Certification Officer & Graduate Program Coordinator Education (616) 632-2427
Barbara McCargar Associate Professor, Chair, Director of Vocal Studies Music (616) 632-2417
Shari McCarty Assistant Professor, Mathematics Mathematics (616) 632-2145
Richard McCluskey Associate Professor, Department Chair Geography (616) 632-2192
Gary McCourry Adjunct Associate Professor, Saxophone, Woodwinds Techniques Music
Rachel McCurdy Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse Athletics
Michael McDaniel Faculty Catholic Studies (616) 632-2147
Michael McDaniel Professor Mathematics (616) 632-2147
Matthew McKay Adjunct Professor Education
John McMahon Adjunct Lecturer Business Administration
Austin McWilliams Faculty Music
Matt McWilliams Head Athletic Trainer Athletics (616) 632-2476
Jennifer Meador Assistant Professor of Psychology & Counselor Education Psychology (616) 632-2981
Randal Mergener Adjunct Lecturer Physics
John Miller Adjunct, Field Supervisor Education
Don Miller Director of Technical Infrastructure and Information Security ITS
Alexis Miller Assistant Coach, Men & Womens Track Athletics
Michael Miller Adjunct Assistant Professor General Education
Allyson (Ally) Mills Director, Alumni Engagement Institutional Advancement
Philip Mitri Creative Director Strategic Communications (616) 632-2129
Timothy Moerland Groundskeeper Physical Plant
Brian Morris Head Coach, Women's Basketball Athletics (616) 632-2473
Mejla Mujanovic Adjunct Communication
Becky Nauta Associate Professor Nursing (616) 632-2911
Leah Nawrocki Adjunct Lecturer, Child Life Psychology
Tiffany Nunzio Adjunct Assistant Professor Art
Katie O'Bezil Admissions Counselor Admissions (616) 632-1122
Deborah O'Donnell Philanthropy Coordinator Institutional Advancement (616) 632-2809
Mark O'Toole Associate Professor Business Administration (616) 632-2931
Tyler A O'Tsuji Building Custodian Custodial
Thomas Olive Assistant Professor Business Administration
Victoria Olson Lecturer of Music, Bassoon Music
Joseph Oprea Adjunct Music
Kerri Orders Assistant Professor Business Administration (616) 632-2520
Lu Paletta Adjunct Assistant Professor Business Administration
Sheila Pantlind Director OLLI (616) 632-2043
Kevin Parker Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics (616) 632-2479
Molly Patterson Associate Professor Political Science (616) 632-2841
Kendall Pavano Executive Assistant to the President President's Office (616) 632-2881
Gunnar Peery Head Coach - Men's & Women's Tennis Athletics (616) 632-2470
Gunnar Peery Staff Athletics
Shannon Pelton Assistant Registrar Registrar's Office (616) 632-2869
Felix Pereiro Adjunct Professor Business Administration
Cristian Perez-Ruiz Staff Athletics
L. Robert Peters Jr. Associate Professor Biology (616) 632-2181
Lauren Pfortmiller Bookstore
Trevor Picard Adjunct Physics
Jodi Piechocki Accounts Payable Specialist Business Office (616) 632-2917
Jacki Plough Assistant Coach, Softball Athletics
Thomas Polett Professor of Music, Instrumental Music Director Music (616) 632-2416
Kristy Poprawski Executive Assistant to Provost and Executive VP of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs (616) 632-2151
Ashley Postema Graphic Designer Strategic Communications (616) 632-1068
Joe Powers Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball Athletics
Jennifer Price Executive Assistant Human Resources (616) 632-2883
Christina Radisauskas Library Director Library 616-632-2124
James Rasmussen Associate Professor Geography (616) 632-2180
Ivy Razmus Assistant Professor Nursing (616) 632-2879
Neil Reilly Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Track and Field Athletics
Kels Rezmer Adjunct Theatre
Selene Rezmer Adjunct Theatre
Matthew Rios Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of CE Admissions Registrar's Office (616) 632-2871
Rebecca Roberts Associate Director of Enrollment Operations Enrollment Management
Christopher Robinson Groundskeeper Physical Plant
Debra Rockey Adjunct Assistant Professor Management
Ashley Rodriguez Staff Admissions
Marcos Romero Asencio Chair World Languages (616) 632-2123
Brisban Roumpz Adjunct Kinesiology
Diane Roushangar Adjunct Assistant Professor Sociology
Makennah Rousseau Admissions
Ashley Rowe Head Coach, Dance Athletics
Brandon Rozema Graduate Assistant Athletics
Luke Ruff Head Coach, Men's Soccer Athletics (616) 632-2441
Esmeralda Ruiz Student Engagement Coordinator Student Affairs
Gretchen Rumohr Professor English (616) 632-2872
Bryan Russell Assistant Coach, Men's Bowling Athletics
John Ruther Adjunct Lecturer Business Administration
Natalie Ryckman Student Affairs
Thad Salter Institutional Research Analyst Academic Affairs (616) 632-2071
Sharon Sandberg Adjunct Professor Art
Mikhail Sarkisov Adjunct Professor Kinesiology
Rylea Saunders Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics
Sr. Damien Marie Savino Dean Science and Sustainability (616) 632-2056
Lisa Sawyer Adjunct Kinesiology
James Sawyer Adjunct Lecturer, Jazz Trumpet Music
Mary Schafer Adjunct Assistant Professor English
Julie Schatz-Stevens Professor Psychology (616) 632-2839
Emily Schellenboom Assistant Coach, Men's Women's Swimming Athletics
Mark Schmidbauer Conferencing Manager Conferencing & Event Services
Laura Schneckenberger Adjunct World Languages
Julie Schrot Adjunct Lecturer Education
Michael Schuler Adjunct Associate Professor Management
Kelly Scott Controller Business Office
Gabriel Seif ESL Program Specialist Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence
Jenni Shepherd Staff Athletics
Ellen Sherman Adjunct Lecturer, Oboe Music
Jiin Shin Lecturer, Cello Music
April Shirey Adjunct Professor Geography
Evan Shirkey Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer Athletics
Bob Siegel Adjunct Assistant Professor Education
Kate Simons Director Human Resources (616) 632-2918
Donna Slaughter Payroll Specialist Business Office (616) 632-2143
Stacy Slomski Interim Associate Dean Education (616) 632-2055
Tynetta Smith Adjunct Assistant Professor Psychology
Jenna Smith Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer Athletics
Sharon Smith Director Counseling, Health & Wellness (616) 632-2902
Patrick Smith Building Custodian Custodial
Amanda Smith Building Custodian, Lead Custodial
Jennifer Sorek Adjunct Associate Professor Communication
Joseph Spencer Associate Professor Mathematics (616) 632-2148
Lynne Spoelhof Program Manager NetVUE
Timothy Stafford Vice President for Finance Business Office (616) 632-2920
Rick Steketee OLLI Consultant OLLI (616) 632-2451
Alexandra Stephenson Admin, Front Desk Advantage Center
Jessica Stevenson Office Manager Campus Safety 616-632-2468
Sarah Stickney Adjunct Lecturer, Teaching PK-6 Music in the 21st Century Music
Jacci Storey Adjunct Kinesiology
Kathleen Storey Building Custodian Custodial
Amy Strand Associate Professor Women's Studies (616) 632-1992
Jill Straub Peer Tutor Coordinator Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence (616) 632-2170
Lisa Sung Lecturer in Music, Jazz Piano Music
Peter Tabberer Groundskeeper Physical Plant
Mary Takas Assistant Coach, Softball Athletics
Cynthia Talbert Records Specialist Registrar's Office (616) 632-2875
Nick Thelen Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Cross Country and Track & Field Athletics
Sr. Linda Thiel Associate Professor Nursing (616) 632-2196
Roberta Thomas Associate Professor Nursing (616) 632-2195
Philip Tower Adjunct Professor Communication
Stephen Treppa Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse Athletics
Peter Treppa Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse Athletics
Nicole Ubik Adjunct Education
Jessica Vaglica Student Accounts Manager Business Office (616) 632-2864
Nisha van Laar Director Center for Opportunities, Resources, and Excellence (616) 632-2169
Tricia Van Vliet Adjunct Assistant Professor Accounting
Michael Vanbennekom Custodian Custodial
Matthew VanBennekom Staff Campus Safety
Bridgett Vanderhoff Adjunct Theatre
Geoffrey Vanderpal Adjunct Professor Business Administration
Kara Vanegmond Director, Donor Relations Institutional Advancement (616) 632-2845
Lonn Vasquez Staff Athletics
Samuel Verburg Adjunct Theatre
Joseph Verschaeve Adjunct Professor Sociology
Kathleen Vogel Adjunct Lecturer of Education Education
Ralph Vunderink Adjunct Professor World Languages
Marc Wadaga Officer Campus Safety
Daniel C. Wagner Associate Professor Philosophy (616) 632-2831
Daniel C. Wagner Director Catholic Studies (616) 632-2831
Martha Waldvogel-Warren Adjunct Lecturer, Harp Music
Nathan Walker Officer Campus Safety
Charlene Walsh Adjunct Assistant Professor Education
Samuel Walters Staff Campus Safety
Ying Wang Adjunct Assistant Professor Psychology
La'Derrick Ward Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Track & Field Athletics (616) 632-1084
Sr. Mary Aquinas Weber Chancellor Emerita Institutional Advancement (616) 632-2809
Jeanine Weber Public Access Coordinator Library
David Weinandy Professor Communication 616-632-2058
Ryan Wendt Locksmith / AQ Bikes Manager Campus Safety 616-632-2449
Cody Westerhuis Assistant Coach, Baseball Athletics
Jen Westrate Data Analyst ITS
Marsha Wharton Adjunct Lecturer Education
Damion White Officer Campus Safety
Deborah Wickering Professor Emerita of Anthropology Sociology
Jochen Wierich Faculty Catholic Studies (616) 632-2409
Jochen Wierich Associate Professor Art (616) 632-2409
Susan Wilczak Adjunct Professor Art
Lindsey Williams Adjunct Lecturer Kinesiology
Sr. Catherine Williams Associate Professor Emerita, Piano Music
Kendra Wills Adjunct Sustainable Business
Molly Wilson Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Psychology (616) 632-2077
Nathan Wilson Staff Campus Dining
Ryan Wilzer Director Dining Services (616) 632-2966
Bradford Winkler Associate Professor, Political Science Political Science (616) 632-1997
Kevin Winne Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Track & Field Athletics (616) 632-2876
Jeana Wisinski Clinical Instructor Nursing (616) 632-1046
Bob Wisler Chief Information Officer ITS (616) 632-2144
Michael Wisz Custodian Custodial
Mike Wojciakowski Head Coach, Men's & Women's Cross Country and Track & Field Athletics (616) 632-2482
Steve Wojciechowski Assistant Coach, Baseball Athletics
Paul Wrbanich Adjunct Assistant Professor Computer Information Systems
Janelle Yahne Adjunct Lecturer Theatre
Matthew Yeoman Photographer Strategic Communications
Lauren Zaloga Conferencing Coordinator Conferencing & Event Services
Melissa Zeffero Financial Aid (616) 632-2894
Gabrielle Zeinstra Theatre
Kari Zeller Chemistry Lab Manager Chemistry (616) 632-2402
Noah Zomberg Staff Athletics
Kendra Zwart Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball Athletics