Aquinas College is committed to promoting academic excellence through dedication to academic integrity and to fair processes for resolving alleged academic violations of the Student Code of Conduct. 

In this spirit, the Faculty and Staff Assemblies and the Student Senate approved the following Academic Integrity Statement: “Aquinas College is rooted in the Dominican traditions of prayer, study, community, and service combined with a deep respect for truth, honesty, and integrity. In this spirit, we strive to create an environment in which integrity is prized and practiced. We expect all community members to uphold these values through honesty, fairness, and respect for others.”

Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures

All cases will be resolved based on whether a reasonable preponderance of evidence exists to support claims that students violated the Aquinas College Student Code of Conduct for Academic Integrity as outlined in the Course Catalog. To learn more about current policies and procedures, please read: Academic Integrity Procedures: Faculty and Student Responsibilities.

In the event of an alleged violation, faculty are responsible for submitting “Academic Integrity Reporting Form.” Students must submit the “Academic Integrity Student Response Form.”

Once the forms have been submitted, the Academic Integrity Liaison is responsible for meeting with the student and faculty promptly,  providing a fair assessment of evidence, making recommendations about college standards, and seeing each case through the resolution process.


Academic Integrity
Dr. Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush
Academic Integrity Liaison