What is Experiential Learning?

Don't just memorize. Make MEMORIES.

Experiential Learning at Aquinas CollegeExperiential learning supplements the lessons you will encounter in lectures and textbooks with hands-on, immersive experiences. You will learn so much by actively engaging with a subject, seeing a concept play out in real life or applying what you learn in real time. 

At Aquinas, we’re committed to a student-centered approach to education. We’re not afraid to look beyond the classroom for teaching methods that keep you engaged and invested in your learning. That passion for exploration and innovation led us to prioritize experiential learning opportunities across the curriculum.

What does that look like in practice? Experiential learning can be...

  • Field trips to historical sites, businesses, museums and more
  • Projects with real-world impacts
  • Study abroad
  • Service work
  • Getting outside to see natural phenomena first-hand
  • Internships
  • Lab work

Here are some real examples of experiential learning from classes at Aquinas College.