This information and form below is for individuals scheduled to speak in a course, seminar, lecture, or other presentation at Aquinas College. Aquinas College would like to capture your presentation in audio and/or video format. To that end, we want to make certain that both you and the College have the necessary rights and protections to continue to benefit from your presentation. 

Aquinas College will hold the copyright to the Recording and would like to have the option to continue to use the Recording and Materials. In addition to creating an archive copy for educational purposes, possible uses of the Recording include, but are not limited to, inclusion in Aquinas College websites, the creation of CDs or DVDs, and delivery to the public via distribution partners. Aquinas College will not sell or attempt to make money from the Recording.

Finally, please understand that there is nothing in this Speaker Release requiring you to give your ideas to Aquinas College. If you plan to give the same talk somewhere else, there is certainly nothing in this release that would keep you from that engagement. And, unless there is an exception called out to you by your Aquinas College host, Aquinas College is happy to provide a copy of the Recording to you and will grant you a non-exclusive license to use the Recording in any way you'd like.