Department responsibilities include:

Plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling, general repairs, appliance repair, light bulbs, roof leaks, etc. Please note that fire alarm and door lock issues should be directed to campus safety.
Maintenance Requests

Please complete the online Maintenance Request Form.
Requests can also be sent to or call (616) 632-2937
Project procedures:

  • Place a formal request at
  • Project will be evaluated and estimated.
  • Estimation will be returned to the department.
  • The estimation is only good for 30 days.
  • After an agreement, the project will be scheduled.
  • A budget number will need to be given in order to cover the project expenses.

Maintenance Policy
Due to the busy schedules of our maintenance workers, we do not schedule appointments. Maintenance workers will knock before entering a room and if no one answers, they will let themselves in and announce their presence. Only in an extreme emergency, such as no hot water/heat, will a maintenance worker make repairs in a residence hall room before 9 a.m.
Director of Physical Plant: Dale Haisma
NOTE: Please do not submit requests to the Director. All requests should go through or (616) 632-2102.