My AQ on a computer screenHelp with MyAQ is just a few steps away. Depending on what you need, check out the resources below.

Self-help portal from Pathify. Pathify is the company that provides MyAQ, and it has a help section covering a lot of how-to topics. Please recognize that all the features you see in the Self-help portal may not apply to MyAQ.

Overview of My AQ. Here is a quick overview of MyAQ. More detailed links can be found on MyAQ.

Aquinas ITS Help Desk. If your issue is a bit more technical in nature, ITS may be the best resource.

MyAQ User Group. Your fellow Saints all have access to a user group on MyAQ that's all about MyAQ. Share tips, ask questions, find resources, give suggestions.

Adding calendar events. There are new ways calendar events can be shared across MyAQ and 

You can also download the MyAQ app for iOS and Android. Or search for "MyAQ".

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