The General Education Program focuses on the skills, knowledge, values and ethics that Aquinas College believes each of its graduates needs to be prepared for career and life in a rapidly changing world. The program is rooted in the mission of the College, the Dominican tradition and the liberal arts. It is structured to include both requirements and choice, a core and distribution component; it supports and is integrated into the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years of a student’s education at Aquinas.

Learning Outcomes

In support of the College’s mission, the Aquinas General Education curriculum addresses the student learning outcomes listed below, in which the student will:

  1. Exhibit competence in disciplines across the liberal arts
  2. Read critically and formulate relevant conclusions (critical thinking)
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in communication (writing, speaking, reading, listening, presentation skills)
  4. Acquire research and analysis skills (quantitative and qualitative)
  5. Integrate knowledge of diverse perspectives and cultural traditions.
  6. Understand the application of theological and ethical concepts in daily life.
  7. Acquire awareness and tools to foster human flourishing and a sustainable world

Institutional Learning Outcomes