Directing the Insignis Program for Honors Students remains one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs here at Aquinas. Each year we are humbled by the achievements and the contributions of students in the program, and often find ourselves boasting about students in the program to other faculty members. Even more than the intellectual achievements, students’ volunteer efforts and actions to better the lives of those around them impress and amaze us.

The program aims to challenge students in every facet of their education and to enrich their lives, so we often look for members’ input on what activities, classes, even course readings will accomplish those tasks effectively. All members are welcome to share their ideas either with us personally or with their class officers, who will forward the idea to us. The Insignis lounge area is on the third floor of the Academic Building, so please stop by. We look forward very much to sharing ideas, coffee, and even idle chit-chat with all of you.
- Dr. Jennifer Hess