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Information Technology & Services at Aquinas College

New Student Essentials

Welcome to Aquinas!
The ITS Help Desk is available to help you with your technology concerns, Aquinas College Network access, application support, hardware support, etc.
The information provided below is intended to assist students new to Aquinas College in locating information, services, and technology provided by ITS.

It is strongly recommended that all Aquinas students use the Microsoft Office Suite. Get your free copy today! >More information
The Top 10 Computer Questions

  1. When will I be able to set up my computer account? 
    • Incoming students will receive a letter containing a unique One-Time Access Key and instructions for retrieving their password through a web interface from any Internet connection. By following the instructions, students will be able to retrieve their password. This letter will either be distributed at a STAR day, Transfer Advising day, or sent by U.S. Mail to the student's permanent address on file.
  2. How do I find out my e-mail address is?
    • Your e-mail address will be provided to you as you go through the Password Retrieval process. Don't forget to write it down.
  3. What do I need to do to have my computer ready to bring to campus?
    • To connect to AQnet, Aquinas' Internet-only network, you will need to have your computer patched with the latest operating system updates, have up-to-date anti-virus software, and meet the recommended computer specifications. >More information
  4. What is AQnet?
  5. What happens if I get to campus and I can't get connected to AQnet?
    • ITS provides support for students who need help with their AQnet connection.  For support, please call 616-632-2050 to schedule an appointment with our staff. 
  6. Where can I purchase a computer to bring to campus?
    • Aquinas works with Dell to bring students technology discounts! Visit AQnet's Frequently Asked Questions for Dell's website information.
  7. I will not be bringing a computer to campus, are there campus computers that I can use?
    • Yes, be sure to visit one of the many computer labs located around campus. In a computer lab, you will have access to network resources, including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, the Internet, and Academic software. >More information
  8. Are there web resources that are used at Aquinas College?
    • ELM, the Electronic Login Manager, is a unifying password for access to Aquinas College web resources. ELM services include MyAQ (course schedules, grades, etc.), CourseConnect (online course management tools), Engage AQ (campus news), AQnet, E-mail, Drive (online file storage/sharing), and Calendar. 
  9. What is MyAQ?
    • MyAQ is an online tool that gives students access to the College's main database to view private information pertaining to grades, class schedule and financial aid information. MyAQ is an ELM service that can be accessed after your account has been setup.
  10. You are responsible for the security of your computer account. How can you keep your information safe?
    • ITS recommends using a strong password.  Follow our Password Guidelines to learn how to create a strong, effective password. Also, refer to the Aquinas Acceptable Use Policy for further information on using Aquinas College computer and network resources.