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Registrar at Aquinas College

Online Registration

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Traditional Age Students
To be eligible for registration, you must first meet with your advisor to review your educational plan, as you have in the past. After this meeting, your advisor will electronically give you permission to register for classes. Without this electronic permission from your advisor, you will not be able to register for classes, either on-line or in person.
Continuing Education Students
CE students can register on-line, in-person, by email, or by phone. If you choose to register on-line, please follow the steps listed on the previous page. Although you are not required to get electronic permission from your advisor before registering, the Registrar recommends that you meet regularly with your advisor to review your degree plan.
New Students To The College
If you have never been enrolled in any courses at Aquinas College and you are interested in registering for the first time, you will need to register through the Registrar/Academic Advising Center. Please call (616) 632-2866. You will not be able to register your first enrollment with the College online.
Online Registration Instructions

  • Login to MyAQ through your ELM menu. Select "Student" from the menu.
  • Select Term at the top of the page (e.g. Fall Semester 2012).
    • At a minimum, select the Subject of the first course you would like to take. (For example, if the course is BY 160, select Biology from the pull-down menu.)
    • If you know the exact course number you'd like to take, enter the number (e.g. 160) under the title Course Number.
    • Click on [SUBMIT].
  • You will now be on a page entitled, "Section Selection Results."
    • Select one or more courses by clicking on the box to the left of each course you'd like to take, under the column entitled, Select.
    • When you have selected all of the courses for this subject, click on [SUBMIT].
    • To select additional classes, click on the back arrow key (upper left of the screen), and continue the Search/Register for Sections process until all of your classes are in.

Register and Drop Sections
You will now move to the "Register and Drop Sections" page in which you will actually register for your classes. Once a class is listed on this page, it has been saved, and will not be removed unless you purposefully remove it. However, you have still not registered for the course yet.

  • To register for one or more of your classes at a time, select Register from the pull-down menu next to EACH course (underneath the column entitled, Action).
  • Check the bottom of the screen to be sure that the selection for the question:
    • If one of my choices is not available.
    • Is set at: PART Complete only available
    • This will ensure that if one class has an error, you can still register for your other classes.
  • Click on [SUBMIT] to register only for the classes you have selected.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • You will not be able to register if you have any holds on your account. To check if you have any holds, select “Registration Holds” in MyAQ. If nothing is listed on the page, you have no holds.
  • If you need instructor permission to take a class, you'll need to bring a signed add slip to the Registrar’s office in Hruby Hall, or forward an email from the professor to registrar@aquinas.edu.
  • Two kiosks are located in the Registrar's Office for you to use to register, if you choose. We will be happy to walk you through the on-line registration process.
  • You may select your classes prior to the date you are able to register online. The classes will be held for you in the Register and Drop Sections page until you are ready to register.

In-Person Registration
You will still be able to register by dropping off your registration card to the Registrar's office in Hruby Hall, if you prefer.  Your advisor will still need to give you electronic permission before you can register.