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Chemistry minor for Education

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Chemistry major/minor requirements:
Consult the Chemistry department for course and minor expectations. Students are encouraged to complete an Integrated Science major in conjunction with a Chemistry minor.


  • CY111 General Chemistry (4) NL

    A first college course in chemistry designed primarily for science majors. Topics include atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure, properties of gases, solids, and liquids, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry. Three (3) hours of lecture and one 3-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisites: CY100 or high school chemistry; math placement score of 18 or higher, co-registration in MS114, or completion of MS114 with a C or better. High school physics strongly recommended.

  • CY211 Organic Chemistry (4)

    This is the first semester of a year-long course in organic chemistry for science majors. Topics include bonding, reaction mechanisms, structure, stereochemistry, and synthesis and reactions of aliphatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives. The correlation of molecular structure to physical properties and instrumentation is introduced. Three (3) hours of lecture and one three-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisite: CY112, with a grade of C- or better, or its equivalent. This course is not accepted for the Natural World Physical Science requirement.

  • CY215 Quantitative Analysis (4) QR

    A first course in chemical analysis. Topics include gravimetric and volumetric methods, statistical applications, ionic equilibria, chromatography, and spectroscopy. Two (2) hours of lecture and two three-hour laboratory periods per week. Prerequisite: CY112 (or equivalent) with a grade of C– or better. This course is not accepted for the Natural World Physical Science requirement.