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Biology and Health SciencesThe mission of the Computer Information Systems Department at Aquinas College is to prepare students for careers in information technology as well as leaders in the industry.

Aquinas offers both Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) majors. Each major includes a strong technical base, including programming, operating system, database, and networking foundational knowledge.

The CIS major strengthens each of these skill sets with advanced courses, while the MIS degree combines business skills such as accounting and marketing with the technical skills needed for business application of information systems and technology.



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1. Students will gain a solid experience in the use of current software applications and technology to solve business and information problems.
2. Students will demonstrate basic software development, testing, and debugging skills in current leading programming language environments.
3. Students will exhibit a fundamental understanding of IT infrastructure (networks, operating systems, standard components, security/infrastructure configuration).
4. Students will be able to accurately design a relational data model and administer its implementation (normalization, physical design, structured query language).
5. Students will be able to successfully apply knowledge of data structures, logic algorithms, and analysis techniques to solve business and information problems.
6. Students will develop strong communication skills: written, verbal, and interpersonal.

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Foster Planet Walk

Foster Planet Walk


To better highlight a unique feature of the Aquinas campus, several students built a mini website for their Senior Capstone project. Learn about the Foster Planet Walk




Students earning a CIS or MIS degree at Aquinas encounter abundant internship and full-time job opportunities. Even in an economic climate where many entry-level graduates find it difficult to job search, our graduates are finding many opportunities and are often hired before graduation. Area job fairs, online postings, personal networks, and, of course, Aquinas' excellent Career Services referrals are all good methods of job and internship hunting. Other options for graduates are to continue on to pursue a Master's of Science in an IT-related field.

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Quick Facts: Computer and Information Systems Managers
2022 Median Pay $164,070 per year
$78.88 per hour
Typical Entry-Level Education Bachelor's degree
Work Experience in a Related Occupation 5 years or more
On-the-job Training None
Number of Jobs, 2022 557,400
Job Outlook, 2022-32 15% (Much faster than average)
Employment Change, 2022-32

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Alumni Profiles


Prepared for the real world with a depth of knowledge and an understanding of how to use it.Alumni Profiles