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Links to some of our favorite sustainability programs and organizations. >More


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Sustainability Newsletter
Stay informed about the latest sustainability news on campus.
Re-Thinking the Way We Print (pdf)*
Paper use is, perhaps, the most common recurring issue in the sustainability discussion. Aquinas College uses over two tons of paper annually or 34 trees worth. Find out what you can do to reduce paper usage at AQ.
Faculty and Staff Sustainability Guide 2013 (pdf)
Download the 2013 Faculty and Staff Sustainability Guide. The guide contains basic information on campus sustainability programs, including more on how you can get involved.
Student Sustainability Guide 2013-14: Sustainable Saints (pdf)
Download the 2013-14 edition of the Student Sustainability Guide! This guide offers tips for reducing waste, rethinking transportation, supporting local businesses, and taking action with policies and clubs in the campus community. Click here to download the guide.
REDUCE before you RECYCLE your junk mail (pdf)*

Every year, Americans receive close to 4 million tons of junk mail. Some people have taken steps toward sustainability by recycling this junk mail instead of tossing it in the trash. While recycling is an appealing method, there is a more constructive action we can take: REDUCE.


Do It!

Volunteer in the AQ Community Garden!

Volunteer in the summer for our AQ community garden! Come on out to the garden located east of the AMC to help with planting day, harvesting day, or become a regular volunteer! The garden is two raised beds tended square foot gardening style, which reduces the need for fertilizers and weed pulling! To be considered a "serious" volunteer the summer, all you have to do is commit to tending the garden one day per week for at least 30 minutes. If interested, please contact Jessica Eimer

Download the 2015 garden crops


Zero Waste Initiative

Make it a priority to choose Zero Waste every time you are at the crossroads (compost or recycling?!). Get informed and then jump to action! >More Information


Re-Think Transportation

Learn how to use the Grand Rapids bus system, view routes from AQ to popular destinations in the city, learn about bike rental programs and much more. >More

Zero Waste
Got Art? (Requires ELM Log In)
Be part of the community and share art! A web section on Moose where members of the Aquinas Community can post or request art pieces to be displayed on campus. On the Moose, select "Sustainability Initiative" In the right hand navigation section to access "GotArt?"
One Saint's Junk is Another Saint's Treasure (Requires ELM Log In)
Check out this online forum where members of the Aquinas Community can connect with others on campus to find items for donation and advertise unwanted goods. On the Moose, select "Sustainability Initiative" In the right hand navigation section to access "One Saint's Junk."
Aquinas College Tree Guide
Take the Tree Guide with you for your walk around campus! The Tree Guide shows the location of 108 types of trees on campus that are all native to Michigan. The guide is available online and can also be saved to your computer or printed.