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The Student Senate Research Fund was founded in 2008. The Political Affairs Director at the time, Brad Bosserman, worked with Senate’s advisor Dr. David Weinandy to form the proposal. Since then, the Fund has grown to provide many travel and conference grants along with research projects on campus.

In the summer of 2012, the Fund funded five students to do independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. Dubbed the Summer Scholars program, the Fund has plans to continue it into the future. As we expand and grow we also hope to make the program into something on a larger scale. For summer 2014 we will had five new Summer Scholars: Madeleine Burns, Azra Fazil, Nathan Gimby, Cari Hough, and Jamie Sansone. They have been working in fields from Sustainable Business to Spanish language.

Currently the Fund is in need of help to make it an even stronger fixture on the academic landscape of the college, allowing for expansion of the programs we are able to offer. Any donations, assistance with research, or even simple awareness of our efforts are crucial. The Student Senate Research Fund is run by students for students, and we hope to keep it that way long into the future.


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Pictured at right: Previous Summer Scholars Molly Cook '14 and Jarrod Irwin '13 discuss their projects with Aquinas faculty.

Molly Cook
Jarrod Irwin


Charles Hyde


Charles Hyde ‘15
Academic Affairs Director, Student Senate
Director, Student Senate Research Fund


Student Senate Office
Cook Carriage House 205
Phone: (616) 632-2459



Hannah Acosta ‘16
Vice-Chairperson, Student Senate
Student Consultant, Student Senate Research Fund



Elizabeth Jensen, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Research

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Heather Hall


Heather Hall
Director of Campus Life

Advisor, AQ Student Senate
Phone: (616) 632-2457