Campus Safety at Aquinas College

Protect and Serve with Subaru program

"Fox Subaru" logo

From responding to and facilitating the needs of student athlete injuries requiring off-campus medical support, transporting students to medical appointments off-campus, shuttling international students to/from Gerald R. Ford International Airport, to on-campus safety escorts, the Fox Subaru branded 2018 Forester provides real-time, critical safety support for AQ students.

In addition to safety, Subaru’s impressive commitment to zero landfill best practices within its manufacturing facilities, as well as the environment, aligns well with Aquinas College’s Sustainability Initiative. Subaru’s unique partnership with non-profit, Recycle Across America, has truly created a new standard for eliminating the confusion around what to recycle with effective visual labels displayed throughout our country’s National Parks.

On behalf of Aquinas College students, faculty, staff and alumni, thank you Fox Subaru for investing in the health and safety for today's and tomorrow's community leaders. Your sponsorship of the Serve and Protect with Subaru program is changing lives.