Political Science at Aquinas College

Political Science: Hands-On Experience

Students Visit State Capitol 

Students on a tour of the state capitol Aquinas Political Science students were treated to a tour of State Senator Dave Hildenbrand's office at the capitol in Lansing. Students met with Sen. Hildenbrand's staff, discussed the Senate Appropriations Committee, upcoming legislation and the role of state government in working with the federal government. On the trip to Lansing, the students also met with State Representative Winnie Brinks and Tom Hickson, the Vice President of Public Policy and Advocacy from the Michigan Catholic Conference to teach the students about the role of lobbying. Students also had the opportunity to observe a House of Representatives session and a Michigan Senate appropriations committee meeting.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations Conferences bring college and university students together to role-play delegates from their assigned countries.  At Model UN, delegates are judged on their ability to accurately portray their country’s policies and positions on a number of important issues. Knowledge of history, balance of power, alliances and diplomatic skill are fundamental. 

Students at AQ spend several weeks researching and developing their country's positions and policies.  They develop specific policy statements and practiced writing United Nations resolutions.  Knowledge of the structures and functions of the United Nations as crucial to the success of their portrayal as was knowledge of their country’s positions.

This year marks the 17th anniversary of Model UN at Aquinas College. At least 54 students from AQ represented the United Kingdom, El Salvador and Slovakia - making Aquinas one of the largest teams in the country. 

Issues addressed include: 

  • The war in Syria
  • IAEA attempts to monitor and control nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction
  • Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and its contribution to sustainable development
  • Protection of and assistance to internally displaced people
  • The empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges
  • The responsibility of men and boys in achieving gender equality 

group photo of people in front of a building     students at a Model UN event

students holding a "France" sign     people sitting in a group