Political Science at Aquinas College
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    Political Science

Political Science at Aquinas

From courses on News Media and Politics to Politics of Latin America to participation in the Model United Nations and Moot Court, the AQ Political Science Department and its faculty offer a range of courses and activities which introduce the student to how people behave in a political context. The Department offers both a major and a minor, and supports programs in Urban Studies, Community Leadership, International Studies and general education. In addition to offering four scholarships, the department is very involved in a number of professional and scholarly work, including hosting the Annual Meeting of the Michigan Political Science Conference. Additionally, Political Science is an excellent Pre-Law degree. Therefore, the department fully supports, and teaches many Pre-Law courses.

Political Science is a well respected liberal arts discipline that is much more than a basic civics lesson. At AQ the focus is on developing critical thinking and examination of power, participation, and authority as they influence various political structures and issues such as gender, elections, conflict, human rights and the environment. If politics is about who gets what, when, how and why, then at AQ we ask students to apply these questions at every possible angle to develop and seek truth, such as it is in the political realm. While truth may be an elusive concept, critical thinking and evaluation is nevertheless fundamental. This is why many Aquinas College Political Science graduates have gone onto outstanding careers in a variety of professions. See especially AQ Political Science Students and Alumni.

AQ Political Science graduates are well educated individuals with highly developed critical thinking, written and oral communications skills. Additionally, our graduates are exposed to a wide variety of research tasks. They are prepared for a number of careers and/or admittance into graduate and professional schools. Graduates with high grade point averages, quality letters of reference from faculty, good performance on professional entry exams are very well situated for the career or graduate/professional school of their choice.

Hands On Experience

students sitting at tables with signs of different countries

Model United Nations - This year marks the 17th anniversary of Model UN at Aquinas College. At least 54 students from AQ represented the United Kingdom, El Salvador and Slovakia - making Aquinas one of the largest teams in the country. 

Students and others standing outside by buildings

Students Visit State Capitol - Aquinas Political Science students were treated to a tour of State Senator Dave Hildenbrand's office at the capitol in Lansing. Students met with Sen. Hildenbrand's staff, discussed the Senate Appropriations Committee, upcoming legislation and the role of state government in working with the federal government.

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In the News

Dr. Roger Durham appeared on WZZM-13 after the November Presidential Election to discuss what's next for the country. >Watch the interview

Kelly Dittmar '06, a political science professor at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University in New Jersey, has been tracking female political candidates and makes a few observations from her experience. Dittmar graduated from Aquinas College with a triple major in political science, sociology and Spanish. Watch her interview on CNN by clicking here.