Alumni Profiles

Katherine Faucher ‘11

“Aquinas College helped me enormously throughout my undergraduate program. I was able to build a life long relationship with my advisor, Duane Ambrose. When I got my current position in Fowlerville Community Schools, Professor Ambrose was one of my references. He made sure to call me after he spoke with my future principal. The support, encouragement, commitment, and respect that the faculty gives to their current students and an alumnus is something you can’t find anywhere else. Aquinas College holds a special place in my heart. AQ helped turn me into a great leader for my current students because of all the wonderful experiences I was able to receive while in Grand Rapids. Looking back there are so many positives and negatives as you go through your college experience but being surrounded by the incredible faculty and staff at AQ truly does make all the difference in the world. I know I made the right choice with AQ as my institution for my higher learning.”

Corey Kohler

I was about 32 years old at the time that I decided to go back to school to be a teacher. I left a store director job (making about $70k per year) and took a paraprofessional job (making about 11K per year). Most people thought I was out of my mind, but it's what I had to do get into the school system and go back to school. At the time, was coaching 2 sports, working 40 hours per week, married and chasing my 4 very active children around. I chose AQ because they offered the accelerated 8 weeks courses at night which allowed me to work during the day and keep coaching. What I enjoyed most about my experience at AQ was the small school atmosphere that it provides and the professors understand the needs of their students. To this day, (obviously) I still communicate with professors after graduating 7 years ago. Every professor I had made me feel welcome and I knew by their actions that they were teaching for the right reasons. The demographics of the campus makes you feel safe and it doesn't feel like your in the city. I honestly cannot think of one negative thing that happened there in my 3 years of attendance. I really enjoyed it there and am thankful for the time I had there. I am currently teaching, coaching 3 sports and am the MS AD at Greenville HS. The teaching program at AQ prepared me for my profession.

Daniel Rothwell II

Teaches in Gastonia North Carolina at Ashbrook High School and coaches varsity football and varsity wrestling 

“Aquinas was an awesome college! It helped me become the teacher I am today. One of the biggest things I have noticed from other  teacher is my school is classroom management. I have noticed that probably 70% of issues teachers have in class comes from the lack of classroom management. The amount of time spent on classroom management in your classes and others I find myself not having the same issues that others are having.

I also believe that my professor's from Aquinas gave me the knowledge needed to teach way beyond the textbook. The textbook is limited in what it can teach the students and I strongly believe that Aquinas gave the tools i needed to be not just a good teacher but a great teacher.

In my first year at Ashbrook High school, I had had many teachers asking me where I taught before here. When I responded that it was my first year, they were shocked and respond with "Wow you're so confident and you know what is going on all the time I thought you have been teaching before."

For my first observation from my assistant principle, I received a very good "Score."  He also told me during our meeting that after watching me teach that there would be no way anyone could convince him that I was a first year teacher from the way I approach the class, and different learning strategies I used were like that of a  veteran teacher.

The amount of personal instruction I received at Aquinas has been invaluable to my success. The amount of classroom time we got and opportunities to be put us in charge of classes gives us the confidence needed when we have our own room. The Professors at Aquinas were not there just to pass or fail me in college but they were always there to help me become a Teacher. When I ever needed anything, they were always willing to meet with me at school or even off campus to make sure everything was going as planned. They were there to be mentors and a support staff for me when I needed it the most and to me that was something no other college could ever offer.