Philosophy at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

The Philosophy Department at Aquinas College is committed to the following goals:

  1. To provide the general student population with the skills and enthusiasm for doing critical thinking regarding philosophical issues. More particularly, accomplishing this by providing a broad historical overview of some of the answers provided to certain perennial philosophical questions, and/or by providing students with several opportunities to answer these questions on their own in essay form. These questions, such as what is Truth? Reality? Justice? Knowledge? Power?, are foundational for many of the other disciplines and acquiring the skills for answering them cogently, logically and persuasively is invaluable to the college student.
  2. To develop an interest in pursuing a philosophy major as a basis for professional work in philosophy, law, medical or environmental ethics, journalism, teaching or public policy work. This requires ongoing contact on the part of the department members with the majors in order for them to tailor their degree to their particular professional goals, and requires a faculty with diverse research and teaching interests, methodologies and professional experiences which are conductive to supporting a philosophy major.
  3. Finally, philosophy has traditionally been viewed as a source of insight into foundational issues in the other disciplines, whether they are of a conceptual, ethical, historical or theoretical nature. We in the philosophy department want to involve ourselves as much as possible in the work of our colleagues as it relates to the discovery of answers to the philosophical questions in their discipline. Philosophy faculty also participate in the colleges General Education core program: Inquiry & Expression and Humanities.