Music at Aquinas College
Barbara McCargar
  • Chairperson, Associate Professor of Music, Vocal Program Director
(616) 632-2417
AMC 126
  • Director of Instrumental Music, Associate Professor of Music
(616) 632-2416
AMC 119
Mary Hurd
  • Assistant Professor of Music
(616) 632-2419
AMC 123
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Choral Music Director,
(616) 632-2420
AMC 135
Betsey Ingraham
  • AMC Administrative Assistant and Art and Music Center Coordinator Administrative Assistant to the Art and Music Faculty
Catherine Williams
  • Associate Professor Emerita of Music– Piano
Paul Austin
  • Lecturer of Music- French Horn
  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Music- Guitar
Larry Biser
  • Adjunct Professor of Music-Organ
Brendan Hohnhosrs
  • Lecturer of Music–Tuba
Sarah Bowman
  • Lecturer of Education- Visual and Performing Arts for the Classroom Teacher
  • Lecturer of Music – Clarinet
  • Lecturer of Music - Viola
Robin Connell
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music - Jazz Piano
  • Lecturer of Music -Percussion, Marching Band and Percussion Techniques
Kathy Gibson
  • Lecturer of Music- Contemporary and Jazz Voice
Mary Hillyard
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music- Chamber Strings Ensemble, Strings Techniques
  • Lecturer of Music–Trumpet
Giuseppe Lupis
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music- Piano, Counterpoint
Carmen Maret
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music
  • Lecturer of Music– Jazz Guita
Chris Martin
  • Lecturer of Music- Violin
Gary McCourry
  • Lecturer of Music - Saxophone, Woodwinds Techniques
Michelle Orgen
  • Lecturer of Music - Liturgical Music courses
Victoria Olson
  • Lecturer of Music - Bassoon
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music – Cello
  • Lecturer of Music - Secondary Band and Orchestra Methods and Materials
Dan Rickabus
  • Lecturer of Music - Songwriting
James Sawyer
  • Lecturer of Music- Marching Band and Percussion Techniques, Observation and Directed Teaching Supervisor, Jazz Trumpet
  • Lecturer of Music - Oboe
Martha Waldvogel
  • Lecturer of Music- Harp
Stephanie Wiltse
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music