OLLI at Aquinas College
  • OLLI at Browne Center

Your moment of enlightenment is only an OLLI program away.

What will it be? The possibilities are limitless.

  • Participate in any of OLLI’s programs, from Bach to Biology, Hemingway to History, and everything in between, and see the world with a fresh perspective.
  • Spend time in our academic and spiritual classes learning more about history, philosophy, literature, religion, science, math, psychology, and much more.
  • Take day trips in the greater community and discover new places, sights, and history.
  • Visit backstage at the art centers of Grand Rapids and stay for the performances.
  • Learn new cooking or painting techniques from a professional.
  • Find new friends who share your quest for learning.

The Osher Institute is a membership-based, lifelong learning program that offers a wide variety of college-level, non-credit lectures, short courses, and special events for intellectually curious adults over age 50.

Join our community of 50 and older learners at the Browne Center on the Aquinas College campus and experience educational opportunities for the sheer joy of it - no tests, no grades, no papers!

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Aquinas has some fun opportunities coming up. Join us!
Sister Mary Aquinas Weber, the visionary behind OLLI and currently Chancellor Emerita at Aquinas College, recently expressed beautifully who and what we are at OLLI:  There exists at the Browne Center a little island of lively activity, where the human spirit can soar, free of the limitations of time, pressure, or career-seeking or money-making. Here, mature minds can study, reflect, and discuss at leisure as they always yearned to do—not in order to earn a credit or a dollar, not to meet requirements or pass exams, but for the pure joy of learning and growing. Each year, the OLLI classes continue to satisfy that longing in its eager students, who display such boundless intellectual curiosity and verve in exploring the urgent daily concerns of our nation and world. Thank you, students, for continuing to join us and bring our programs to life!
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