Mathematics at Aquinas College

Online Math Courses

Online math courses are much more difficult than face-to-face instruction. The Aquinas Math Department recommends online math courses for highly motivated students with 6 - 10 hours of free time per week for reading, homework alone and online homework/discussions. Students who hesitate to enter homework on a web site and do not know how to work on their own should take the classroom versions of these courses.
MS110 Mathematics for Liberal Arts (3) MS
Mathematical ideas for understanding life in our culture; topics include probability, logical thinking, and problem solving with minimal use of algebra. This online survey of math course uses the Heart of Mathematics text without the CD-ROM. Homework and discussion is on a wiki. Distance learners set up a local professor or teacher to proctor their tests.
Prerequisite: Two years of college-preparatory mathematics or MS107. >Wikispace for Enrolled Students
MS151 Elementary Statistics (3)
Designed primarily for students who have had no more than two years of high school mathematics or its equivalent. Includes the fundamental concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics. Prerequisite: MS107
MS433 Topics in Geometry (3)
Topics selected from affine, Euclidean, non-Euclidean, and projective geometry. This online college geometry course uses a wiki for weekly homework and discussions. Distance learners supply the instructor with a local teacher or professor to proctor the tests. The professor's text is available in paper and electronic forms, for less than $10.
Prerequisite: MS122. >Wikispace for Enrolled Students
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Professor McDaniel discussed MS433 as part of the Aquinas Lecture Series. >>Watch the presentation
For more information about Aquinas College's online math courses, please contact Dr. Michael McDaniel at or (616) 632-2147.