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Aquinas College Professor Debuts New Radio Program

January 8, 2014 - (Grand Rapids, Mich) - A new program will debut on Holy Family Radio this week, featuring Dr. John Pinheiro of Aquinas College. Airing Fridays at Noon on 1140 AM Grand Rapids, 91.5 FM Kalamazoo, Faith & Reason will feature conversations with Dr. Pinheiro, scholars, and writers who contribute to the growth and development of the Catholic intellectual tradition in the modern age.

Pinheiro, associate professor of History and director of Catholic Studies at Aquinas, described the program’s unique mission. “It isn’t an apologetics show,” he said, “it’s not a call-in show, it’s an hour-long conversation between me and the guest, talking about how the Catholic intellectual tradition might affect the daily lives of Catholics through devotions, worship, and how they see the world. There is much more depth even to seemingly simple Catholic traditions, if you look for it.”

“I hope Catholics will find that their faith has a much deeper intellectual tradition than they may have realized,” said Pinheiro, “they’ll take away some new books or poets to read, maybe even films to look into--and I hope non-Catholics will take away a greater appreciation of the Catholic intellectual tradition as well.”

The third local program hosted by Holy Family Radio, Faith & Reason will serve an important role in the West Michigan Catholic community. Pinheiro plans to bring a combination of nationally-known and local guests to the show, fostering a renewed awareness of Catholic culture.

In addition, the show presents an opportunity to showcase quality programs and professors found at Aquinas. Pinheiro recalled that, “a while back, President Olivarez said he wanted to make Aquinas College one of the top three choices for every Catholic high school student in Michigan. The Catholic radio station reaches Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and soon Battle Creek. This program, then, is my contribution to that effort.”

The first installment of Faith & Reason airs this Friday, Jan. 10, at Noon, encoring Saturday, Jan. 11, at 11 a.m., on 1140 AM Grand Rapids, 91.5 FM Kalamazoo. The show will also stream live on the web at For more information, please visit the show’s Facebook page. For further information about Catholic Studies at Aquinas College, see the program’s website.