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April 1, 2010 - Peter Wege officially released his latest environmental book, "Economicology II", in late March, after unveiling the book on his 90th birthday last month. Wege's first book, "Economicology: The Eleventh Commandment," was released in 1998.

In "Economicology II," Wege talks about his passion for green living and the need to balance the competing forces of the economy and West Michigan’s ecology. It features pivotal quotes from some of Wege’s favorite authors in each chapter. Wege discusses the need to create positive thinking and a union of educated nations in a force that can help everyone.

Unsurprisingly, Wege's newest book is green from front to back. All 215 pages of the book are printed on recycled paper that was printed on presses that were wind powered.

Proceeds from the book, which is selling for $19.95, go to the Sixth Grade Center for Economicology, a program with a public-private partnership with the Wege Foundation. 1,400 copies of the book will be given away to presidents of colleges and universities around the country. The book was published by the Wege Foundation.

Throughout the years, Peter Wege has made numerous contributions to Aquinas College with both philanthropy and leadership, The College's Center for Sustainability is under the tutelage of Wege, and Wege sponsors an annual speaker series at Aquinas that promotes awareness of important global issues.

Information taken from the Grand Rapids Press.