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June 5, 2009 - Grand Rapids, Mich. (June 4, 2009) - In February, Acoustic Arts Custom Music Studio got a request to do some free work - from two high school students. They set up a date, spoke compellingly about their cause, and left with an agreement for an original rap song to help them present Kids Food Basket, a non profit organization fighting childhood hunger, to their high school peers.

Fast-forward to April and Acoustic Arts' newest solo piano CD release, "Secret Places." Recognizing that a ticketed release concert was out of the question in the present economy, award-winning composer and Aquinas music faculty member Roger MacNaughton recalled the cause he’d been introduced to months earlier.

"I was impressed," said MacNaughton. "These students brought a glaring local need to my attention. During the summer, Kids Food Basket serves the evening meal to about 1,000 school children every weekday. I'd really like to drive some resources their way this summer."

Needing a live audience for the videotaping of his "virtual CD release," destined for digital sales including Amazon and iTunes plus viewing on YouTube, MacNaughton hit upon the idea of concertgoers bringing a granola bar or juice box donation for Kids Food Basket in lieu of buying tickets.

"It's a new world," said MacNaughton. "This CD, Secret Places, is downloadable - available on-line but we need to be visual too, hence the concert posting on YouTube. It really is the age of the Indie! Hopefully we can help Kids Food Basket with supplies for their summer program as well."

Secret Places CD is available online at and

Event Details:
What: Live Videotaping – Roger MacNaughton performs tunes from "Secret Places"
When: Sunday, June 28 at 3 p.m.
Where: Kretschmer Recital Hall, Aquinas College
Cost: Free admission with a granola bar or juice box (100% juice) donation to Kids Food Basket