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October 16, 2007 - In association with Comprenew Environmental, the Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College will be hosting a free Community Recycling Day on Wednesday, October 17.

All Aquinas employees, students, and neighbors are encouraged to drop-off unwanted electronics - anything with a battery or cord - from 3 to 7 p.m. (Televisions can be recycled for $10 each.) Office paper, junk mail, phone books, news paper, and cardboard will also be accepted.

The pick-up location will be on the east end of the Aquinas campus in the Jarecki/Lacks/Hauenstein parking lot (off Woodward Ave.). >>Campus Map (pdf)

Please take part in this great opportunity to recycle unwanted or broken goods at no cost!

Comprenew, a Grand Rapids not-for-profit, is an electronics recycling company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All electronics that can be fixed, are repaired and sold in their store. Other materials are stripped into component parts and sold/given to local suppliers for reuse. Comprenew also operates an on-site Enviro-Academy for inner-city students.

>>More Information on Community Recycling Day

A steadfast advocate of environmental protection and responsible business practices, Aquinas College is the first institution in the United States to offer undergraduate degrees in Sustainable Business. The Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College, established in 2005, is dedicated to "the development and advancement of organizations and communities that promote economic viability, natural world kinship and social responsibility." "We are working hard to engage and educate the community on sustainability issues and the Community Recycling Day is just example of this commitment," said Onan.

>>More Information on the Center and its Efforts

Questions? Contact Jessica Onan at or (616) 632-1994.