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March 10, 2005 - In light of the struggles West Michigan companies are having with the continuing outsourcing of jobs especially in the manufacturing area, Aquinas College is offering a TPS Seminar and Workshop titled, Challenge Outsourcing and Win by Going Local. TPS (Toyota Production Services) has become a much discussed topic since the publication of Jeffrey Liker's book, "The Toyota Way." This seminar and workshop, on Friday, March 18 from 8:45 a.m. to 5:10 p.m., will offer insight as well as a simulation on how TPS can be applied to individual companies. For a copy of the brochure containing a schedule of the day's events and names of other speakers, please contact (616) 632-2845.

The seminar begins with a few words from Dr. Woody Hoover of the Aquinas School of Management; Dr. Harry Knopke, President of Aquinas; and, the Reverend George Heartwell, Mayor of Grand Rapids and Lead Partner of the Aquinas Community Leadership Institute. Keynote speaker Kevin Watts, Manufacturing Operations Manager for New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. will begin the seminar and will be followed by several speakers who plan to share stories about their own manufacturing issues. A noon lunch will be followed with a demonstration of a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, which symbolizes lifelong commitment and total dedication to discipline.

The afternoon session, "How to Implement TPS in our Own Corporate Environment," begins at 1 p.m. Following an introduction, a group of attendees will participate in a multi-part TPS simulation led by an HMPS (Herman Miller Production Systems)/TPS Leader. Three simulations will run simultaneously in order to accommodate more attendees with this valuable hands-on experience.