MAC Program at Aquinas College

Course Schedule

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Students need to contact Lynn Atkins-Rykert, Graduate Coordinator, directly at (616) 632-2925 to register for fall classes.

Fall, 2018

Course Course Title Credit Hours Semester or Quad Time Day Instructor
COU500 Orientation to Graduate Studies   1 Day Seminar August 25, 2018 Saturday Dr. Cruikshanks
COU503 Lifespan Development 3 Quad 1 6PM-10PM Monday Dr. Schatz-Stevens
COU504 Counseling Techniques & Practices 3 Semester 6PM-9PM Tuesday Dr. Wilson
COU505  Theories of Counseling & Helping 3 Quad 2 6PM-10PM Monday Mr. Chambers
COU601 Research Methods & Program Evaluation 3 Semester 6PM-9PM Wednesday Dr. Cruikshanks
COU602 Career Development & Counseling 3 Quad 1 6PM-10PM Monday Dr. Keyway
COU603 Multicultural Counseling 3 Semester 6PM-9PM Thursday Dr. Wilson
COU702 Internship I 3 Semester 6PM-9PM Monday Dr. Underhile
COU705 Evaluation of Mental & Emotional Status 3 Semester 6PM-9PM Tuesday Dr. Cruikshanks
COU706 Crisis and Trauma 3 Quad 1 6PM-10PM Wednesday Dr. Wilson
COU707 Clinical Supervision 3 Quad 2 6PM-10PM Wednesday Dr. Wilson