Life at Aquinas College

Meet the Team

Say ‘hello’ to your 2018 First-year and Transfer Student Orientation Team! These amazing Saints will be your guide to getting acquainted to life at Aquinas College, and they can’t wait to meet YOU!

Autumn Ackerson

Hometown: Kalamazoo
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I play lacrosse at Aquinas

Joshua Atherton

Hometown: Port Huron
Major: Biology // Pre-Health
Fun Fact: Kanye West is my favorite artist of all time

Fatima Bawah

Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: Theatre, Psychology, Music
Fun Fact: I work at a summer camp!

Yesenia Bernal

Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: Community Leadership & Spanish
Fun Fact: I love whales!

Tori Bernhardt
Hometown: Muskegon
Major: Communication
Fun Fact: My left arm is crooked

Jacob Bolek

Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: Business and Communication
Fun Fact: I own a lot of hats.

Emily Brink

Hometown: Grand Ledge
Major: Sustainable Business
Fun Fact: I love to craft! I make stone-wrapped necklaces and bracelets, I crochet and paint, and work on other upcycling project.

Bailey Brown

Hometown: Lake Odessa, Michigan
Major: Child Life Specialist Concentration within the Psychology Major
Fun Fact: I live on lake

Jade Burch

Hometown: Dorr, MI
Major: Exercise science
Fun Fact: I like plants

Sarah Cervenan

Hometown: Livonia, MI
Major: Communications
Fun Fact: I have the same birthmark as my Dad, Uncle, and Grandpa.

Tyler DeVries

Hometown: Jenison, Michigan
Major: Education
Fun Fact: I play the drums

Breanna Domrase

Hometown: Ossineke Mi
Major: Elementary Education
Fun Fact: I graduated high school a year early

Marissa Ebels

Hometown: Zeeland MI
Major: Political Science, Minor in Women's Studies
Fun Fact: I was a trained clarinetist!

Jillian Fournier

Hometown: Mount Morris, MI
Major: Business Administration, Minor in Marketing, Concentration in Human Resources
Fun Fact: My senior year of high school I played a conference basketball game at the Palace of Auburn Hills right before the Pistons played the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Valentina Garcia
Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: English/Writing Emphasis
Fun Fact: My mom always wanted me to learn how to swim (even sneakily planned lessons) but I always refused and that was the beginning of a life full of stubbornness.

Amanda Gazi

Hometown: Portage
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I enjoy puns and dad jokes

Lauren Gerich

Hometown: Macomb, MI
Major: Community Leadership (minor: communication)
Fun Fact: I'M A TWIN!!

Josie Gonzalez

Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: Elementary Education and Theatre Performance
Fun Fact: I met Lucas Grabeel from High School Musical.

Sophia Gwasdacus

Hometown: Hudsonville
Major: Nursing
Fun Fact: I rock climb!

Neil Harold

Hometown: Grayslake, IL
Major: Sociology
Fun Fact: I am conversational in Irish(Gaelic)

Cassie Herrington

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Major: Communication and Theology
Fun Fact: I held hands with the pope when I studied abroad in Rome!!

Zachary Hufnagel

Hometown: Owosso
Major: Elementary Education
Fun Fact: My favorite Disney movie is Tangled

Zack Isaacs

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI
Major: Political Science and Communication
Fun Fact: I’m on the bowling team at AQ

Nicole Jarvis

Hometown: Traverse City, MI
Major: Business and Political Science
Fun Fact: I once sang on stage with Kelly Clarkson at a Christmas concert in Nashville.

Ivy Jiang

Hometown: Guilin China
Major: Math and Business
Fun Fact: I love food and sharing my food with others

Noah Kellogg

Hometown: Muskegon
Major: Spanish Education
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Costa Rica for 4 months and i can speak Spanish

Tess Mashour

Hometown: Zeeland MI
Major: Duel major in business and art
Fun Fact: I love vintage things

Piper Nugent

Hometown: Midland, MI
Major: Elementary Education & Language Arts
Fun Fact: I once shook Bernie Sanders' hand!

Olivia Orlando

Hometown: Mason MI
Major: Dual Business admin. and comm.
Fun Fact: I'm 100% Italian

Isabella Ouellette

Hometown: Harbor Springs
Major: Philosophy and Communication
Fun Fact: I'm afraid of ladybugs

Abigail Safago

Hometown: Cadillac
Major: German
Fun Fact: I’m a heir to Lindor chocolates

Hannah Schmidt

Hometown: Zeeland, Michigan
Major: Child Life Specialty
Fun Fact: I was born three months early.

Elizabeth Schoof

Hometown: Wyoming, Michigan
Major: Double Major: English with an Emphasis in Writing, Communication
Fun Fact: I'm writing a book!

Thomas Siebelink

Hometown: Coopersville
Major: Mathematics
Fun Fact: I have done 5 escape rooms

Anna Skog

Hometown: South Elgin, IL
Major: English
Fun Fact: Friends is my fave TV show

Kathryn Steel

Hometown: Clarkston Michigan
Major: Business Communications
Fun Fact: I love music!

Lilia Thomas

Hometown: Holland
Major: International business, German
Fun Fact: I have a birthmark on my head which makes my hair a different color

Laurel Timmer

Hometown: Hudsonville, MI
Major: Spanish & Community Leadership
Fun Fact: I love being outdoors and once spent 10 days backpacking in the back country of New Mexico

Walter Tomlin

Hometown: Ranson WV
Major: Theatre w/ Tech emphasis
Fun Fact: I was voted WHAC Bowler of the week last year. I’m also from West Virginia.

Savian Tuggle

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, MI
Major: Chemistry
Fun Fact: I love to draw, sing and create.

Joseph Volpe

Hometown: Croswell
Major: Community Leadership
Fun Fact: I’ve had dinner with my favorite band before a concert.

Elizabeth Walztoni

Hometown: Wilmette, IL
Major: Environmental Studies
Fun Fact: I used to train and show alpacas in competitive obstacle courses

Kyprii Whitney

Hometown: Detroit
Major: English and communication
Fun Fact: I have 5 names

Tyra Williams

Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: Child Life
Fun Fact: I’m on the Women's Basketball team

Alex Wisner

Hometown: Kentwood, MI
Major: Secondary Education, History
Fun Fact: I have a small hole in the roof of my mouth that connects to my nose that lets me make a squeaking noise. Less than ten people in the world have it! Ask me about it sometime!

Nicholas Young

Hometown: Hemlock, Michigan
Major: Theology
Fun Fact: I dip my grilled cheese in ketchup!

Jessica Zuchowski

Hometown: Grand Rapids
Major: Spanish
Fun Fact: Took a European trip this summer