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Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

The Registered Student Organization (RSO) Program at Aquinas College provides students the opportunity to gather with their peers to build community around shared interests, hobbies, areas of study, and much more. The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement wants to provide students the tools to create meaningful experiences and innovative programming that promotes co-curricular learning, personal and leadership development, and community engagement.

While the roster of active RSOs changes each year, our goal is that students can always find an organization that meets their needs and provides opportunities to plug into the AQ community both inside and outside of the classroom. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at to learn more about registering a new group!

At Aquinas, RSOs are broken up into six categories: Academic, Honorary & Professional Development RSOs, Cultural, Community & Faith-Based RSOs, Media, Entertainment & Performing Arts RSOs, Service & Advocacy RSOs, Special Interest RSOs, and Sports & Recreation RSOs. Below you'll find a few examples of RSOs that have been active on campus in past years. For a full list of currently active RSOs, contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at

1) Academic, Honorary & Professional Development RSOs

Aquinas Chemistry Society (ACS) The Aquinas College Chemistry Society is a Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society. Each year, the group sponsors educational, professional, and social activities for chemistry students and the whole Aquinas community. Interested students should contact any of the officers or any chemistry faculty member to find out when the next meeting will be held. Aquinas students may also check out our Course Connect page for information, upcoming events, and opportunities for participation.

Business and Accounting League (B.A.L) Founded in 2000, the Business and Accounting League seeks to build a bridge between the academic and career worlds. The League focuses on programs to complement and add to classroom experiences. League officers determine the year's programs, so there is a real emphasis on offering events that help participants understand what they need to successfully launch their careers.  The League sponsors a variety of activities throughout the academic year. Past programs have included forums on investment advice, buying real estate, resume preparation and effective interview skills, career wardrobe, and dining etiquette. Many alums have lent their expertise and served as presenters at the forums. There is usually a pizza dinner in the fall to kick off the school year and a Christmas holiday lunch with faculty. The group takes at least one road trip to a local employer each semester to get the insider's perspective on various aspects of the organization. Steelcase, AutoCam, and the Amway Grand Plaza have been popular destinations.

Political Science Club (POLIS) Students have opportunities to engage in scholastic and fun activities such as Model United Nations, Model Arab League, sponsor speakers from across the political spectrum and watch cool movies. The Political Science Club has a tradition of sponsoring fun afternoons or evenings watching then debating the material in films such as We Were Soldiers, Dr. Strangelove, The Manchurian Candidate, Apocalypse Now, Hearts and Minds, and Schindler's List to name only a few.

2) Cultural, Community & Faith-Based RSOs

Latin@ Student Association The Purpose of Latin@ Student Association shall be to educate individuals in and outside of the Aquinas Campus about the Latino culture,  help Latino students find their voice within the AQ community and beyond, mentor Latino youth, and promote and participate in community service throughout campus and the Grand Rapids community.

Voices Inspiring Black Students Everywhere (VIBE) This group strives to unite and serve as the voice of the black community and show concern for the well-being and progress of black students through programming and educational opportunities.

AQ Light Living in God's Hands Together is a group of Aquinas. Students who meet every Sunday night from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. to put together a retreat for middle and high school students. Participants join because they love God and serving others.

Nurses Christian Fellowship The Purpose of Nurses Christian Fellowship is to establish and advance in nursing, within education and practice, witnessing communities of nursing students and nurses who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.

3) Media, Entertainment & Performing Arts RSOs

AQ Sound AQ Sound is available via streaming audio from any computer on the Aquinas network. Tune in for a wide variety of programming. 

The Saint The Saint (formerly the Aquinas Times) is the campus newspaper run by and for the students. This voice of the Aquinas community provides campus and local news, advertisements, entertainment news and a forum for opinions. >Website 

Uke Knighted Uke Knighted is a student-run musical organization in which students with varying levels of experience enjoy the ukulele. This is achieved through lessons, on-campus performances, and general group playing together.

4) Service & Advocacy RSOs

Community Action Volunteers of Aquinas (CAVA)  CAVA serves as a bridge between community organizations and the Aquinas community. It functions to get Aquinas students energized about volunteering, as well as to connect them to volunteer opportunities similar to their interests. College-wide events include Into the Streets and Heartside Pride Cleansweep.

Social Action Committee (SAC)  This committee promotes awareness and action about the social injustice of the times and makes known the alternatives. S.A.C. sponsors films, speakers, discussions, and rallies on such critical issues as nuclear power, world hunger, and world peace.

Special Saints We pledge to be part of something greater than ourselves through connecting Aquinas College to the special needs community of West Michigan.

5) Special Interest RSOs

Across State Lines To be a present and active support system that seeks to provide assistance and programming to out of state students. Our focus will be specifically on outreach to new students, offering opportunities for them to transition to Aquinas and the Grand Rapids area, and to continue these services as needed throughout their years at Aquinas.

Commuter Club The Commuter Club serves as a resource for all commuter students, whether they walk to campus from Eastown, or if they drive in from Rockford. Through commuter specific programming, and a monthly newsletter commuters can meet others, learn about events on campus and find tips to have safer commutes to Aquinas.

Keeping Bees The purpose of this student organization is to teach students, faculty, and staff the role of honeybees and their socio-economical functions and purposes. Students will have the opportunity to study and interact with a bee colony (Apiary) on campus. Interactions with the Apiary range from simple observation and wireless data acquisition, to hands-on honey extraction. This club has potential for serious integration with existing clubs Tri0beta and Students Striving for Sustainability. There will also be a focus on botanical restoration and ecological interactions on campus.

6) Sports & Recreation RSOs

Sport Management Club The purpose of this club is to provide Sport Management Majors with an opportunity to practice the applied aspects of their field. The club will provide majors with resume building opportunities in the area of athletic event organization. Club members will also have opportunities to attend presentations/forums related to the field. Non Majors welcome.

AQ Ultimate This group fosters the growth of Ultimate Frisbee on campus while offering players a chance to compete at the intercollegiate level.

AQ Quidditch The purpose of this student organization is to work with the student of Aquinas College to provide competitive opportunities in the game of Quidditch for all students in a safe, inclusive, and respectful community.

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