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Fall semester activities include: Spring semester activities include:
  • Fall Costa Rica Welcome Back in the Upper Moose
  • October 24 Cultural Event: Domingo Martinez to speak at the Knickerbocker Theatre in Holland, Michigan (free event)
  • November 5 Pura Vida: Costa Rica Brown Bag Luncheon Noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Wege Ballroom (free event)
  • Tertulias every Friday 1 to 2 p.m. Wege Cafe
  • Spring Spain Welcome Back in the Upper Moose
  • Volunteer Event: The Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival held at Wealthy Theater (free event)
  • April 15 Cultural Event: Luis Alberto Urrea to speak at AQ's Contemporary Writers' Series. Event at 7 p.m. in the Wege Ballroom (free event)
Presidenta - Ronnie Ranville
Vice President/Treasurer - Bridget Saliz
Student Senate Representative - Jessica Bredeweg

December 2012 Cultural Event
December Cultural Event

Surreal/Real and Spanish Artist Salvador Dalí Exhibit

Grand Rapids Art Museum



Pictured, left to right:

Club President Marissa McCorry
Dr. Shelli Rottschafer
Club Vice President Katie McKay
Club Representatives Sydne Harris and Justine Westermann


El Día de Todos Santos at César Chávez Elementary School

César Chávez Elementary School César Chávez Elementary School

SH 372 Engaging Hispanic Grand Rapids is a class unlike most other Spanish classes taught at Aquinas. The course is dedicated to learning about contemporary voices of Latin American immigrants and subsequent generations whom struggle to find a place for themselves here in the United States.  A second component of the class is volunteering at César Chávez Elementary School.


Eva Bórquez, an AQ sophomore studying Spanish explains, “Although it’s a member of Grand Rapids Public Schools, it’s atypical. Unlike the rest of the schools in the district, César Chávez is a transitional bilingual school. Most of the children, like the ones I work with, come into the school speaking hardly any English at all. Most of these children were either born abroad, or are the children of immigrants.”


As such, César Chávez aims to transitionally teach them more and more English from when they begin as kindergartners until they leave the school after fifth grade. César Chávez doesn’t merely try to replace their Spanish with English, the teachers also work to make sure that the children retain and improve on what they know in Spanish. When they leave the school, the goal is that they’ll be completely fluent in both English and Spanish.


Bórquez said, “Working at César Chávez has provided an incredible opportunity for us.  We are able to learn so much from these kids. Not only do they help us expand our knowledge of Spanish, but they also help break down barriers that our society has placed in regards to immigrants and those for whom Spanish isn’t their first language.”


To celebrate All Saints Day - El Día de Todos Santos” on November 2, 2012, Bórquez, the other AQ students participating in Engaging Hispanic Grand Rapids, and their professor Dr. Shelli Rottschafer, “came together and threw a party for two of the kindergarten classes. We had games, crafts, and snack for them. It was a great opportunity to meet more of the kids from César Chávez and help celebrate a holiday that’s important to us all.”


Eva Bórquez said, “as Saints, volunteering on All Saints Day, was another great opportunity that we’ve been afforded. I know that my classmates would agree that being a part of this class and having the opportunity to work at César Chávez has been fantastic. Truly, Aquinas makes all the difference in the world.”

César Chávez Elementary School César Chávez Elementary School