Japanese Program  


Why Study Japanese?

5 great reasons!
1. Japan is the third largest trading partner of the USA. The knowledge of Japanese language would be very desirable for our industries.

2. Completing Japanese courses indicates two significant things about you: your vision reaches the other side of the Pacific Ocean and you have high flexibility to deal with people from different cultures.

3. After English, Japanese is the most widely used language on the Internet. Being able to communicate directly with Japanese people would be an advantage in every corner of American business.
4. The number of students learning Japanese is small, with big possibilities. Taking Japanese for one year would be more marketable than taking a Western language for one year.  
5. Learning Japanese is fun! Japanese courses offer a variety of activities, games, simulations, and Show & Tells to help you acquire Japanese as easily and quickly as possible. You might be amazed by your own learning ability after a few short months.  Japanese is NOT difficult as you think!