German Studies  



Kati Gross

Katharina Häusler-Gross, Ph.D.
Professor of German & Foreign Language Methodology
Coordinator of the German Program
Phone: (616) 632-2122


Ph.D. German and Cultural Studies, Michigan State University
M.A.  Second State Exam (English/German), Berliner Senat/ Germany
Diplom (English/Russian), Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald/ Germany
Study Abroad Semester at the State University Odessa/ Ukraine (Russian Language, Literature and Culture)

Dr. Katharina Häusler-Gross came to the U.S. as a Fulbright Scholar and joined Aquinas College in 1998. Prior teaching appointments include Westminster College, PA (German/Russian), Michigan State University, the Universität Tübingen/Germany and the Goethe-Institute Chicago.
At Aquinas Dr. Häusler-Gross is Head of the German Program and teaches all levels from beginning language to advanced content courses, German Literature, Culture and Civilization, Business German, and Studies of German Culture and Society through Film, as well an interdisciplinary course on European Cultures and Identities. She also coordinates the Methodology courses for Teaching Foreign Languages in K-8 and Secondary Schools for prospective FL teachers. Her scholarly research is in the area of German and Cultural Studies, specifically (East) German film studies with a focus on identity formation in post-Wende Germany.
As an active member and trainer of the Trainer Network Central that is sponsored by the Goethe Institute, Dr. Häusler-Gross shares her methodological expertise and offers workshops and seminars for K-16 colleagues in order to support as many German teachers as possible. Additionally, she serves as Volunteer Teacher and Language Consultant at the German Language School of West Michigan, promoting her native language and culture by teaching German to bilingual children and engaging them in cross-cross-cultural activities. Dr. Häusler-Gross is also actively collaborating with Chiaroscuro, West Michigan’s International Film Series, which celebrates cultural diversity and multiculturalism by showcasing and discussing international films from around the globe. Her love for other languages and cultures keeps her traveling extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe and the United States.
Susan Hojnacki

Susan Hojnacki
Adjunct Lecturer of German
Phone: (616) 632-2122


Ph.D. Candidate; German and Cultural Studies, Michigan State University
High School Teaching Certificate (German/English), Michigan State University
B.A. (German/English), Indiana University

Study Abroad Year at the Universität Hamburg



Having joined in the German Program at Aquinas in 2008, Prof. Hojnacki has taught Introductory German courses (101, 102) and also tutored students in Intermediate German (201, 202). In addition to teaching, she is also a Ph.D. student at Michigan State University where she is currently taking courses in both German Studies and Language Learning and Technology. In 2010-2011 Prof. Hojnacki received the Max Kade Fellowship at MSU, which funded the implementation of a research project examining the effectiveness of technology to increase students' oral and written output in the foreign language classroom. As a high school teacher for many years she developed her teaching skills and as a student and teacher in Germany she was able to increase both her linguistic and cultural fluency.