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2013-2014 Outstanding Senior Awards
Outstanding Senior Awards









Congratulations to Jessica Bredewed & Sean Briggs, the recipients of the Outstanding Senior Award in Spanish / French for the 2013-2014 academic year!

(pictured at left with Stéphane Bédère, Assistant Professor of French & Spanish)

Alumna Profile: Elizabeth Lang '13

Elizabeth Lang While attending Aquinas College I pursued a major in French. My studies included courses in French translation and composition, and participating in AQ’s study abroad program. I spent a semester in Angers, France attending a local university and living with a host family. Studying abroad presented an opportunity to immerse myself in the French language and culture. I greatly improved my language skills and expanded my familiarity with the French culture by taking courses in French focused on oral comprehension and expression, French business, and art history. I established a positive relationship with my host family that enabled me to become a part of the culture while learning about daily life in France and the francophones who live it.

Pursuing a major in French not only led the path to studying abroad but also to professional opportunities. After spending the spring semester of my junior year in France I attained a job working as the student assistant to Joelle Baldwin, the Director of International Programs at Aquinas College. I assisted in the coordination of AQ’s study abroad programs while sharing my passion for foreign language studies and cultural experiences to the student body and perspective students.  Following graduation I accepted a teaching position in France through the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) to further my exploration of the French language and culture.  I am currently living in the historic city of Avignon teaching English in three nearby elementary schools.

Profitez de la vie! Make the most of life! Studying French at Aquinas College has inspired and led me to do just that. In my pursuit of mastering “the language of love” and discovering the culture by which it is enveloped, I have been presented with wondrous academic, professional and travel opportunities; those that are often labeled as “once in a lifetime.” I encourage all students with an interest in foreign language study to benefit from the personable, passionate and supportive language professors, smaller class sizes, and life-changing study abroad programs Aquinas College has to offer. 

Outstanding Senior Awards 2013
Senior Awards




Congratulations to Anna Matthews, the recipient of the Outstanding Senoir Award in French for the 2012-2013 academic year!


Pictured at left: Anna Matthews receives her award from Dr. Michel Pichot.

Aquinas Is a Testing Center for Prestigious International Certification Exam

Aquinas College has been recognized as one of only about a dozen testing sites in the United States for international certification in the French language. Dr. Michel Pichot, an associate professor of French who came to Aquinas in 2002, managed to reach an agreement with the Paris Chamber of Commerce to have the College recognized as an official exam site.

“It’s very important for students who want to work in businesses where French is spoken,” said Pichot, who attended a three-week workshop in
1997 that certified him to teach business French and establish examination centers. He teaches the preparatory class for the exam at Aquinas.


Dr. Pichot says having a regional exam site located here “puts Aquinas on the map” in the eyes of the Paris Chamber of Commerce. He hastens to add that there is a need for qualified French language professionals not only in France, but wherever French companies establish themselves,
including Quebec, Canada.

This French diploma is highly respected in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Students who succeed in obtaining the diploma are considered to have an in-depth knowledge of the French language and can work in any business-related field where the language is spoken. The exam has four parts: understanding business conversations in French; analysis of various French business documents; business letter writing; and an interview in French regarding articles from the French and English business press.