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  International Studies  


Roger Durham

Roger J. Durham, Ph.D.
International Studies Program Coordinator
Chair & Professor of Political Science

Office: Holmdene 219
(616) 632-2840
About Prof. Durham

Ph.D., University of Oregon
M.A., University of Oregon
B.S., Southern Oregon University
The interdisciplinary international studies program utilizes the expertise and experience of a variety of talented faculty throughout the College to teach a wide range of courses:
Business: Harwood Hoover
Economics: Masato Yamazaki, Ali Erhan
Education: Nkechy Ezeh
English: Michelle DeRose
Geography: Richard McCluskey
History: Chad Gunnoe, Jason Duncan, John Pinheiro
Humanities: Dan Brooks, Rebecca J. Coogan, Jennifer Dawson, Gary Eberle, Chad Gunnoe, Vicki McMillan, Sr. Marie Celeste Miller, Sr. Mary Navarre, Sr. Rosemary O'Donnell, Miriam Pederson, Philip Skaggs, Ralph Vunderink, Pamela Dail Whiting
Modern Languages: Katharina Häusler Gross, Susan Gasster-Carrierre, Michel Pichot, Marcos Romero, Alane Day, Deborah Eid, Elizabeth Flores
Philosophy: Michaleen Kelly
Sustainable Business: Deborah Steketee, Matt Tueth