International Studies  

Degrees / Courses

Major Requirements:
Thirty-three (33) semester hours with no more than 12 hours taken in one department.
Required courses: Must have the following 18 credits. Each course is worth 3 credits.
  • ONE of the following: PS332 Politics of Developing Countries (Prerequisite: PS150); PS333 Politics of Latin America (Prerequisite: PS150); PS334 Mid East Politics (Prerequisite: PS150);or PS335 The Politics of Africa (Prerequisite: PS150)
  • PS387 International Relations (Prerequisite: PS150)
  • PS388 American Foreign Policy (Prerequisite: PS150)
  • ES212 Macroeconomics
  • ES342 International Trade Theory
  • HY162 World History II
Minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 (C) required in core courses.
A working knowledge of at least one modern language, in addition to English, is also required.
Additional course work to complete the major may be taken from the areas described within the departmental entries below or as approved by the International Studies Program Coordinator:
Business and Economics Courses:
BS315 Culture and International Trade (3) ES313 International Business (3) BE
ES185 Rich Nations, Poor Nations: The Economies of the World (3) BE ES435 Development Economics (3)
ES211 Microeconomic Principles (3) BE ES492 History of Economic Thought (3)
English Courses:
EH211 World Literature (3)
Foreign Language Courses:
FL230 European Cultures and Identities (3)
Geography Courses:
GY120 Human Geography(4) CPG GY310 Special Topics in Geography (3)
GY140 World Regional Geography GY316 Geography of Africa
GY308 Geography of Europe GY370 Geography of Natural Resources (3)
History Courses:
HY161 World History I (3) HP HY271 The Middle East (3)
HY230 Latin American History (3) HY303 History of China (3)
HY221, 222 East Asia I, II (3,3) HY 312 Special Topics in World History (at the discretion of IS Coordinator)
HY250 Russian History (3) HY 371 Europe Since 1945 (3)
HY270 Modern Europe (3) HY422 Modern Germany (3)
International Studies Courses:
IS397 Field Experience (negotiated credits)
IS398 Readings (negotiated credits)
IS399 Independent Project (negotiated credits)
Political Science Courses:
PS150 The World in Crisis (3) CPG PS/PH218 History of Political Thought (3)
PS331 Comparative Government: Western Europe* (3) PS332 Politics of Developing Countries* (3)
PS333 Latin American Politics* (3) PS390 International Law* (3)
PS391 International Organizations* (3)  
* Prerequisite: PS150 or instructor approval.
Sociology Courses:
SY103 Cultural Anthropology (3) PS
SY/WS207 Arab Women (3)
SY/WS315 Women and Development (3)