English at Aquinas College

Writing Minor

The English Writing Minor at Aquinas is for those who wish to seek an advanced degree in creative writing or technical writing, who plan to pursue careers in writing (eg. advertising, newspaper/magazine column writing), or who wish to gain expertise in writing to enhance skills and thus marketability for any career. The 24 credit hours are designated to offer students writing practice in a variety of genres. Students pursuing this minor are strongly encouraged to write for campus publications, to work as peer writing tutors, and to attend readings by nationally acclaimed authors in the Contemporary Writers Series.
The following checklist is used to track the writing minor at Aquinas College. Students may print out this form to maintain a record of their progress towards the completion of the writing minor.
Twenty-four semester hours, at least 12 of which must be taken at Aquinas. Required: EH 205 Advanced Composition and EH 210 Creative Writing. At least one of the following: EH 106, EH291, CL300 Student must complete an additional 15 semester hours from EH106, CL300, and the following: EH220, EH230, EH/AT240, EH247, EH265, EH292, EH293, EH310, EH348, EH349, EH350, EH352, EH399 (reserved for advanced writing students), EH400, and EH460 (reserved for advanced writing students).
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