English at Aquinas College

Journalism Minor

The minor in Journalism requires 22 semester hours of credit. The courses are designed to give students exposure to the kinds of practical experience needed for careers in journalism and publishing. Courses include studies in art (photography), business (principles of management and public relations), communication, English (journalism and other writing intensive courses), and political science. Up to six hours of the minor may be earned through field experience. Please contact Dr. Dan Brooks for further information.
The following checklist (pdf) is used to track Journalism/Publication Minors. Students may print this form out to help them keep an accurate record of the courses they have completed.
The minor requires the completion of 22 semester hours in at least three different disciplines from courses listed below (Mandatory courses are EH291, EH292, EH293, EH397 or EH399.) There is also a residency requirement of at least 12 credits (excluding any field experience credit) that must be completed at Aquinas College.

  • AT212 Photography I (3)
  • BS202 Principles of Marketing (3)
  • BS311 Advertising (3)
  • BS357 Public Relations (3)
  • CN101 Introduction to Communication (3) PGC
  • CN185 Introduction to Radio Production
  • CN285 Understanding Mass Media (3)
  • CN302 Communication Ethics (3)
  • EH291 Introduction to Journalism (3)
  • EH292 Advanced Journalism (3)
  • EH293 Publication Practicum (1)
  • EH350 Creative Non-fiction Writing (3)
  • EH397 Field Experience in Journalism (variable)
  • EH399 Independent Project
  • PS101 American Government and Politics (3) PGC
  • PS150 The World in Crisis (3) PGC
  • PS203 Urban Government and Politics (3)
  • PS260 Politics and the News Media (3)

Up to six semester hours of credit may be earned through an internship or field experience that is approved by the coordinator and directly related to journalism and/or publications.
Prerequisite: approval of coordinator.