English at Aquinas College

English Literature Minor

The English literature minor at Aquinas College consists of 24 credit hours of course work designed to introduce students to methods of literary criticism and research (EH 221) and to a variety of other areas useful primarily in K-12 education. The AQ literature minor exceeds the minimum guidelines for English minors established by the State of Michigan Department of Education.
The following checklist is used to track English Literature Minors. Students may print this form out to help them keep an accurate record of the English courses they have completed.
Twenty-four semester hours (eight courses), at least twelve hours of which must be taken at Aquinas. Required: EH221: Introduction to Literary Studies and at least one course from each of the following distribution areas: British Literature surveys (EH361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 410), American Literature surveys (EH370, 371, 372), Diversity Studies (EH211, 212, 225, 255, 274, 388*, 395, 398), Composition and Language (EH205, 210, 220, 230*, 231*, 348, 349, 350, 352, 400*).
The remaining credit hours must come from any English literature course with no more than one from the 100-level (EH111, 112, 113).
Those seeking teacher certification are required to select courses marked with an *.
The core of the minor is the study of historical periods of British, American and world literature with ample opportunity to learn both expository and creative writing and methods of teaching writing. Students interested in a more writing-intensive minor should refer to the Writing Minor page of this web site. (The Writing Minor is not a teaching minor, according to the State of Michigan, and is intended for students who have an interest in writing as a career or who plan to continue writing studies at the graduate level.)