English at Aquinas College

English Major with Writing Emphasis (BA)

Course checklist
Two Year Rotation of Courses (pdf)
Portfolio Checklist 

Major Requirements:

Thirty-six (36) semester hours, exclusive of EH101, EH105, EH115, and EH245. At least eighteen (18) hours must be taken at Aquinas College.

Required courses must be fulfilled according to the following distribution:

  • EH221 Introduction to Literary Studies
  • EH205 Advanced Composition
  • EH210 Creative Writing
  • Choose three (3) semester hours from from the following:
    • EH/BS106 Business Communication
    • CL300 Fund Development and Grant Writing
    • EH230 Grammar of Modern English
    • EH240 Artists and Writers in Collaboration
    • EH265 Writing Center Theory and Practice
    • EH291 Introduction to Journalism
    • EH292 Advanced Journalism
  • Choose six (6) semester hours from the following:
    • EH310 Special Topics (when appropriate)
    • EH348 Poetry Writing
    • EH349 Fiction Writing
    • EH350 Nonfiction Writing
    • EH352 Script Writing
    • EH400 Teaching Writing
  • Choose nine (9) semester hours of literature courses including one pre-1900 and two 300 level
  • Choose three (3) semester hours of any English elective, excluding any 100 level
  • Choose one (1) Capstone Experience of EH450 Literary Theory or any other English department 400 level capstone focused on editing the SAMPLER and/or Saint.

NOTE: The state of Michigan does not consider writing a teachable major. English with Writing is not an option for students pursuing teacher certification.

All English majors must also assemble a portfolio of their work and submit it to the English Department for approval before graduation. Guidelines available from members of English Department or at the English Department website aquinas.edu/english.



  • EH221 Introduction to Literary Studies (3)

    Principles of literary prose and verse; structures, techniques, and devices of various literary types. This course is required for English majors and minors.

  • EH205 Advanced Composition (3) WI

    The writing of non-fictional prose. Not for first year students.

  • EH210 Creative Writing (3) WI, AC

    The writing of original poetry and/or short fiction based on the instructor’s discretion.

  • BS106/EH106 Business Communication (3) SS1, AP

    Introduces students to effective listening, writing, and presenting skills for business and other professional activities.

  • CL300 Fund Development and Grant Writing (3)

    This course provides an introduction to fund development, grant research, and grant writing. Through effective partnership with a nonprofit organization and hands on experience, students will learn about the principles, practices, and strategies of fund development and write a complete grant proposal by the end of the course. Prerequisite: CL100

  • EH230 Grammar of Modern English (3)

    Analysis of the language through traditional, structural, and transformational grammar. This course is not accepted for General Education credit.

  • AT240/EH240 Artists and Writers in Collaboration (3) AP

    A studio/writing workshop centered on collaborative production of art works and creative writing. Students are encouraged to register in collaborative pairs if possible. Prerequisites: for EH240, EH210; for AT240, one studio art class. For EH240 and AT240, junior or senior status or instructor permission.

  • EH265 Writing Center Theory and Practice (3)

    This course will utilize writing theory and technique to train students to be student consultants for the Aquinas College Writing Center. Specifically, the course will equip students to assist Writing Center visitors with key elements of the writing process, including but not limited to: idea generation, thesis development/topic focus, organization, revision, editing, grammar correction (usage and punctuation), discipline-specific documentation and formatting. Instructor permission required.

  • EH291 Introduction to Journalism (3)

    Writing course focusing on basic practices and principles of modern newspaper reporting.

  • EH292 Advanced Journalism (3)

    Writing course focusing on special skills for writing features and editorials.

  • EH310 Special Topics in English

    Intensive study determined by instructor. Credits may be earned under different specific titles.

  • EH348 Poetry Writing (3)

    The writing of poetry and the study of its elements. Prerequisite: EH210.

  • EH349 Fiction Writing (3)

    The writing of fiction and the study of its elements. Prerequisite: EH210.

  • EH350 Nonfiction Writing (3)

    The writing of nonfiction such as the memoir, personal essay, literary journalism, and lyric essay. Prerequisite: EH210 or EH291.

  • EH/TE352 Script Writing (3)

    The writing of scripts for the stage and/or screen and the study of the elements of script writing. Prerequisite: EH210.

  • EN400/EH400/EN500 Teaching Writing (3) WI

    Offered fall semesters. This course introduces students to current theories about the teaching of writing, gives them practice as writers of expressive and expository writing, and provides them with practical strategies for teaching writing as a process in secondary classrooms. Prerequisite: EN201/501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate. Field Component: variable hours tutoring at a self-selected grade level.

  • EH450 Literary Theory (3)

    A study of selected major critical writings and application of principles to literary texts. Prerequisite: At least nine (9) semester hours of literature courses and EH221 with a grade of C or higher. This course is not accepted for General Education credit.