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Faith Development

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an ongoing relationship between a person and their chosen Spiritual Director. Directees are trying to grow in their relationship with God. They are trying to discern how God works in their life; in their relationships. They want to learn about how to grow closer to God through prayer. They want to understand why sometimes they feel close to God and other times might feel distant.  The Spiritual Director is someone who offers a safe, confidential space where a person can articulate what is on their heart. Besides providing a listening ear, the director is trained to ask appropriate questions so that directees don’t have to worry about being prepared to have something to say. The director encourages directees to speak whatever is in their heart no matter how difficult it might be to talk about.

If you are interested in Spiritual Direction, please e-mail

Pastoral Counseling

Do you need a listening ear?
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Campus Ministers are available as Pastoral Counselors when a trained, listening, confidential ear is needed.  There are times when faculty, staff or students need someone to talk with. It might be a crisis: a family emergency, a death or illness of a loved one or an emotional road block. It could be a time when someone is trying to make a difficult decision or is going through a process of discernment regarding relationships or one’s vocation. It could be a point when someone is struggling with their relationship with God and wants to process this with someone.  We are available to listen and be available during these types of situations.

If you are interested in Pastoral Counseling, please contact a member of the Campus Ministry Team.

Nursing Christian Fellowship
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Small Groups
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Catholic Life Club
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