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Adam Liberacki

Class of 2012

A community constantly changes as people move and grow.

Nonetheless it's a vital part of Aquinas’s values. Community is about reaching out, working together, and creating something meaningful.

Science has always been a group effort for Adam Liberacki ‘12. 
As a child he would turn up at science fairs toting wild experiments created with the help of his parents, both scientists themselves.

“Inevitably we would showcase some kind of gooey green goop, 
a functional diorama of the solar system, or in one case a very smell botany experiment gone wrong,” he says. It is no wonder that Liberacki found Aquinas. Drawn in by the abundant trees that covered the brochures he flipped through, 
small class sizes, and the Dominican pillars, Liberacki knew he 
would soon call Aquinas home.

As a freshman, he filled his schedule with as much science as would fit. In his biology major, he gravitated to ecology, zoology, and botany, and spent two years as the botany lab TA. When he wasn’t doing schoolwork, his time was riddled with extracurriculars. Liberacki participated in classic science clubs like Tri-Beta (National Biology Honors Society) and ACS (American Chemical Society). But he deems himself “a rogue biology major” having held leadership positions 
in the Aquinas College Programming Board (AQPB), serving as a barista in the Moose Cafe, and welcoming new students as an Orientation Leader.

While he often worked with others on projects, Aquinas 
helped Liberacki cultivate his cooperative personality.

“The small class sizes encourage students and professors to work closely together. Everyone gets to know each other on a personal level,” he says. “This collaborative spirit is what’s helped me to build connections in my career and help me to succeed.”

Liberacki graduated from Aquinas in May 2012 and by July joined 
the extensive community of Aquinas alumni at Amway. Working as 
a Microbiology Quality Assurance Lab Technician, Liberacki spent 
his first year getting the lab and manufacturing facility up and running. Now he is an Associate Scientist, working to deliver safe, quality products free from any packaging, chemical, or microbial defects. 
His current project is evaluating rapid allergen detection technology for Amway’s manufacturing lines. The lab tests for contaminants like E.Coli or salmonella in all the raw materials and equipment used, 
as well as the finished product.

My job is used to keep people safe in their everyday lives,” Liberacki says. “When you are in the store and 
see something like a gluten free label, that means that someone like me has confirmed the absence of wheat 
in that product. We’ve already put it through rigorous testing to ensure its safety.”

Liberacki also participated in Take a Saint to Work Day, where 
current students job shadow throughout the community.

“I wanted to show students that Quality Assurance was 
a good option for the future,” he said. “I was also able 
to tap into the network of Aquinas alumni who work at Amway to provide a greater experience for the student and showcase various career paths during their visit. 
It’s because of this type of community and willingness 
to serve others that I love working at Amway and I 
loved being at Aquinas.”.

Success is possible when communities support their members. Adam Liberacki found and continues to find a strong community foundation at Aquinas that built him up so that he could establish connections, and go out into the world and create long-lasting change.


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