Recreation Minor

Recreation Minor: Twenty-one (21) credits. This minor is designed for those who wish to pursue work in community or collegiate recreation departments, summer camps or state /national park employment.

Required courses:

  • KN157
  • KN158
  • KN397
  • CL300
  • One (1) Recreational sport activity (softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball or officiating)
  • One (1) Outdoor Recreation activity class (cycling, golf, hiking, sailing, tennis KN 242
  • One (1) Community Recreational activity (ballroom dance, bowling, fencing, folk and square dance, gymnastics, Pilates, Tai Chi, or yoga)


  • KN147 Outdoor Recreation (3)

    Techniques of camp counseling, program organization; outdoor leadership skills, and marketing of outdoor programs. Additional fees may be required. Prerequisite: KN159.

  • KN157 Health Education—Community (3)

    This course will involve pertinent health information for targeted populations and analysis of that information. It also will involve critical analysis of digital health sites for appropriate and research-supported information as well as analyzing personal health information in order to produce a personal behavior plan and researching critical current health issues and produce a written analysis of the issue. Accessing and appropriately utilizing state and county health resources will also be covered. 

  • KN158 Health Education—First Aid (3)

    Introduction to theory and methods of first aid including CPR and other emergency techniques and procedures. The American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response and Responding to Emergencies courses are both offered. Athletic training majors should choose the Emergency Medical Response section of the course

  • KN397 Internship (Variable)

    Prerequisites for Exercise Science: KN158, KN159, KN 250, KN295 Junior or senior status. Prerequisites for Sport Management: BS201, BS202, KN158, KN159. Junior or senior status.

  • KN242 Sports Techniques and Research (3)

    Designed to provide prospective physical education and recreation educators with instruction, practice, and participation in the fundamental rules, skills, terminology, and strategies of the sports most often taught in physical education classes K through 12. Special emphasis is placed on the research process needed to become knowledgeable and able to instruct unfamiliar sports. Offered fall semester. Observation/teaching hours required. Prerequisite: EN201 or permission of instructor

  • CL300 Fund Development and Grant Writing (3)

    This course provides an introduction to fund development, grant research, and grant writing. Through effective partnership with a nonprofit organization and hands on experience, students will learn about the principles, practices, and strategies of fund development and write a complete grant proposal by the end of the course. Prerequisite: CL100