Business Administration at Aquinas College

Human Resources Concentration within Business Majors

Concentration Requirements:

  • BS355
  • BS356
  • BS360
  • BS372
  • BS410

A practicum approved by the department may be substituted for two of the courses in this concentration


  • BS355/PG355 Organizational Behavior (3)

    Examines organizational behavior from both theoretical and historical perspectives, dealing with the diagnosis of individual issues and group issues, the development of an understanding of organizational issues, and concludes with the topic of changing organizations. Prerequisite: BS201 or PG100.

  • BS356 Organizational Leadership (3)

    Focuses on the process of influencing individuals and groups toward organizational goals, including such topics as the evolution of leadership theory, leadership effectiveness, and situational leadership. Prerequisites: BS201 or PG100, or approval of instructor.

  • BS360/PG360 Consumer Behavior (3)

    Analysis of the complex process of buying behavior through systematic development of a behavior model utilizing concepts from psychology, sociology, and social psychology. Prerequisites: BS202 or PG100. Sophomore status.

  • BS372/PG372 Training and Development (3)

    Review of techniques to determine training needs, to develop appropriate programs, to select methods of presenting these programs, and to evaluate program effectiveness. Includes application of instructional design and adult learning theory to design of learning experiences. Prerequisite: BS201.

  • BS410 Human Resource Management (3)

    An overview of human resource management, including staffing, employee development, labor relations, remuneration, security, and performance evaluation. Prerequisite: BS201.