Biology at Aquinas College

Biology and Health Science: Hands-On Experience

The Aquinas College Biology and Health Science Department has been selected to join the Small World Initiative (SWI), a Yale-University-based non-profit organization that aims to teach students scientific methods while simultaneously crowdsourcing the discovery of novel antibiotics.  

“Our biology and health science faculty are excited to be a part of this innovative program which will give our students more opportunities to engage in authentic research,” said Jennifer Hess, Ph.D., associate professor of biology. “We’re looking forward to fully integrating the SWI curriculum into the new health sciences curriculum currently being developed within our department.” >Read More

student and poster Avery Wagner was awarded honorable mention at the Michigan brand of the American Society for Microbiology Conference at Lake Superior State University for her poster presentation at the conference. Out of 21 graduate and undergraduate posters, Wagner's was judged to be fourth best. The judges said that it was not just the science she had done that the judges admired, but her ability to translate that science to the audience. Congratulations, Avery! 




student headshotStudent Profile: Azra Fazil

With a double major in Biology and Spanish, and a minor in German, Azra Fazil '16 appears to have a lot on her plate. But that has not stopped her from taking advantage of the great opportunities presented to her during her time at Aquinas. >Read more



Career Opportunities
Why Biology?  What can I do with my biology and health science major?
Health Professions:

  • Patient Contact:
    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Physician's Assistant
    • Physical Therapist
    • Pharmacist
    • Optometrist
    • Genetic Counselor
    • Veterinarian
  • Behind the Scenes: 
    • Biomedical research
    • Genetics research
    • Lab technician
  • Education
    • High school biology teacher
    • College professor
    • Environmental educator

  • Industrial applications: 
    • Pharmaceuticals: Research, Sales
    • Food processing: Research, Quality assurance
    • Cosmetics/personal health care: Research, quality assurance
    • Biotechnology: Molecular biology, Bioengineering
  • Environmental Applications:
    • Wildlife Management
    • Conservation biology
    • Environmental research
    • Environmental protection
    • Environmental Consulting
    • Environmental law​

Why Aquinas?

Why biology and health science at Aquinas?  How is Aquinas different from other colleges?

  • Small Class Sizes:   
    • Personal Attention
    • You'll know your classmates
    • Freedom to ask questions
    • Hands-on lab experiences
  • Faculty Availability
    • Faculty teach their own labs
    • Help available outside of class
    • Advice on curriculum and career options
    • Meaningful recommendation letters
  • Opportunities for research:
    • Medical: Van Andel Institute
    • Industrial: Amway Corporation
    • Environmental: Pierce Cedar Creek Institute
    • On-campus: Mohler/Thompson Program​

Over 70% of med school applicants recommended by our Pre-health Committee were accepted over the past fifteen years. Aquinas biology and health science graduates have attended medical, veterinary and graduate schools all over the country. Senior biology majors at Aquinas annually rank at the 75th percentile nationally on the standardized Major Field Test.