Art at Aquinas College

Business and Visual Arts Administration Dual Major (BA)

Major requirements: Sixty-nine (69) semester hours
Required courses:

Thirty-six (36) hours in Business & related courses

  • BS201
  • BS202
  • BS305
  • BS311
  • BS357 (WI)
  • BS460
  • AG210
  • AG211
  • ES211
  • ES212
  • MS151
  • CS152

Thirty-three (33) hours in Art courses

  • AT130 (AP)
  • AT142 (AP) OR AT143 (AP)
  • AT150 (AT)
  • AT151 (AT)
  • 3 studio courses selected from:
    • AT212 (AP)
    • AT230 (AP)
    • AT311
    • AT321 (AP)
    • AT331 (AP)
    • AT341 (AP)
  • AT350 (AT, WI)
  • AT391 (AT, WI)
  • 6-hour internship in Arts Management

The 18-hour residency requirement must include nine (9) semester hours in the Art Department. Students should consult with the department chairperson for clarifi cation.


  • BS201 Principles of Management (3) SS1

    The focus is on the study of the origin and development of management theory, processes of management, decision-making, leadership, communication, social responsibility, and international management. Emphasis on application of management principles to managing organizations.

  • BS202 Principles of Marketing (3) SS1

    An introduction to basic marketing concepts, including marketing strategy, pricing, promotional activities, product development, and physical distribution. Sophomore status required for traditional age students. Recommended: ES 211.

  • BS305 Financial Management (3) SS1

    Covers the concepts and techniques underlying effective decision making related to investment and financing decisions. Some of the topics include planning profitability, analysis of risk, valuation of financial assets, time value of money, cost of capital, capital budgeting, planning capital structure, and dividend decisions. Prerequisites: AG211, ES211, MS151, CS152. Also business/ financial calculator proficiency. This course is not accepted for the Social Science Distribution requirement.

  • BS311 Advertising (3) S11

    Examines the role of advertising in marketing strategy, with a secondary emphasis on specific skills and techniques involved in the advertising process. Prerequisite: BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only. This course is not accepted for the Social Science Distribution requirement.

  • BS357 Public Relations (3) BE, WI

    A comprehensive study of the role of public relations in contemporary organizations. Topics include planning issues, international public relations, specialty applications, and product publicity. Critical examination of public relations techniques and ethical issues occurs throughout the course. Prerequisite: BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only.

  • BS460 Ethical Application in Business (3) BE

    Principles and perspectives of ethical business and organizational decision-making are studied and applied to a variety of decisions. Emphasis is placed on the identification of ethical choices in the context of the conflicting pressures on management, both in the public and private sector. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status.

  • AG210 Principles of Accounting I (4) SS1

    Introduction to financial accounting and its application to the reporting needs of organizations. Topics include basic accounting processes and procedures, financial statement preparation and analysis, internal control, and the recognition and measurement of accounts included in financial reports. Recommended: MS 114

  • AG211 Principles of Accounting II (4) SS1

    An introduction to managerial accounting concepts and the use of accounting information for planning, control and decision-making. Topics include costing of products and services, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, performance evaluation, and costs relevant to decision-making. Prerequisite: AG210.

  • ES211 Microeconomic Principles (3) BE

    Introduction to the economic problem and the study of economics; basics of supply and demand; introduction to concepts and models used to understand the economic behavior of households and firms, economic outcomes under various market structures, market failures, and international trade.

  • ES212 Macroeconomic Principles (3) BE

    Introduction to the economic problem and the study of economics; basics of supply and demand; introduction to concepts and models used to understand the business cycle (fluctuations in national income and employment) and inflation; basics of international finance.

  • MS151 Elementary Statistics (3) QR

    Designed primarily for students who have had no more than two years of high-school mathematics or its equivalent. Includes the fundamental concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics. Prerequisite: MS107. This course is not accepted for the General Education Mathematics requirement.

  • CS152 Spreadsheets (1) T

    This hands-on lab course covers basic spreadsheet functions such as simple formulas, formatting, and print layout using Microsoft Excel. Course projects introduce skills using a variety of formulas and basic functions, charts, and absolute addressing. This course would be beneficial to any students with a desire to analyze numerical data, manage finances, perform simple statistics, or generate charts and graphs.

  • AT130 Basic Drawing I (3) AP

    Course offered fall only Introductory course in drawing from life using traditional materials and subject matter including still life, landscape, and the human figure. A sequence of projects isolates technical and compositional problems.

  • AT142 Graphic and Digital Design (3) AP

    This course introduces the technical and creative aspects of graphic design, digital design and the design process. Assignments will introduce the most current computer applications and image making software used in the graphic design profession. Traditional and digital design environments will be explored, and principles of 2-d design will be woven into every unit, every project, and every media used.

  • AT143 2 and 3 Dimensional Design (3) AP

    This course will cover the basic elements of both 2 and 3 dimensional design. Studio problems, readings, and critiques will create a visual vocabulary and develop familiarity with both 2 and 3-D materials. Color theory will also be introduced.

  • AT212 Photography I (3) AP

    Course offered fall and spring Exploration of photography as fine art. Includes: basic camera handling, black-and-white film development and printing, aesthetic discussion and critiques. All photography courses require an additional lab fee. Consult current course schedule. Equipment required: 35 mm camera.

  • AT230 New Forms Studio (3) AP

    Course offered fall semester only Based in a post-modern art aesthetic, this course will allow students to make art using a concept-driven approach. Ideas will be developed via reading, journal-writing, sketching, video, and photography. Final art works will use media appropriate to the idea.

  • AT311 Painting I (3)

    Course offered fall and spring Beginning course in oil painting. Introduction to basic tools and techniques, with an emphasis on observation and composition. Prerequisites: AT130, AT140 or instructor approval.

  • AT321 Sculpture I (3) AP

    Course offered fall and spring Traditional life-sized figurehead project modeled in clay and either kiln-fired or cast in plaster. Additional figurative sculptural problems.

  • AT331 Ceramics I (3) AP

    Course offered fall and spring Introduction to ceramics as a fine-art form. Hand building, wheel-throwing, and glazing techniques. Frequent critiques will build skills in evaluating art objects.

  • AT341 Printmaking I (3) AP

    Course offered fall and spring Beginning course in etching, lithography, and relief printmaking. Introduction to materials, techniques and methods unique to these media.

  • AT150 History of Art and Architecture I (3) AT

    Course offered fall only. A survey of global art from pre-history to 1300 CE.

  • AT151 History of Art and Architecture II (3) AT

    Course offered spring only. A survey of global art from 1300 CE to the present.

  • AT350 Modern Art (3) AT, WI

    Course offered fall only. A survey of modern art practices in Europe and the United States from 1880 to 1945.

  • AT391 Contemporary Art (3) AT, WI

    Course offered spring only An exploration of the primary currents in the visual arts from 1945 through the present. Leading figures and artistic currents in the United States and Europe are discussed as will the expanding role of art theory and criticism.