Art at Aquinas College

Art (Studio) Minor

Minor Requirements: Twenty-four (24) semester hours. 

Required Courses: 

  • Eighteen (18) hours of studio art courses. Must include:
    • AT130 (AP)
    • AT142 (AP) or AT143 (AP)
  • Twelve (12) semester hours studio electives
  • Six (6) semester hours of art history - AT150 and AT151.

Students intending to earn a minor in studio art are required to complete, with the Art department chairperson, a minor agreement form. To earn a studio art minor, a minimum of twelve hours must be earned at Aquinas College.

Exhibition Program. The Art and Music Center houses an excellent exhibition facility, through which the Art Department’s exhibition program provides art students and the College and civic communities the opportunity to experience, study, and enjoy artwork in a wide variety of media and conceptual concerns. Exhibition opportunities and requirements are part of each degree program.


  • AT130 Basic Drawing I (3) AP

    Course offered fall only Introductory course in drawing from life using traditional materials and subject matter including still life, landscape, and the human figure. A sequence of projects isolates technical and compositional problems.

  • AT142 Graphic and Digital Design (3) AP

    This course introduces the technical and creative aspects of graphic design, digital design and the design process. Assignments will introduce the most current computer applications and image making software used in the graphic design profession. Traditional and digital design environments will be explored, and principles of 2-d design will be woven into every unit, every project, and every media used.

  • AT143 2 and 3 Dimensional Design (3) AP

    This course will cover the basic elements of both 2 and 3 dimensional design. Studio problems, readings, and critiques will create a visual vocabulary and develop familiarity with both 2 and 3-D materials. Color theory will also be introduced.

  • AT150 History of Art and Architecture I (3) AT

    Course offered fall only. A survey of global art from pre-history to 1300 CE.

  • AT151 History of Art and Architecture II (3) AT

    Course offered spring only. A survey of global art from 1300 CE to the present.