Art at Aquinas College

Art History Major (BA)

Major requirements: Thirty-nine (39) semester hours

Required courses:

  • AT150 (AT)
  • AT151 (AT)
  • AT350 (AT, WI)
  • AT420 (AT, SC)
  • AT275 (AT)
  • AT391 (AT, WI)
  • Three (3) elective semester hours from film, studio, or art history.
  • Nine (9) elective semester hours in Art History
  • Nine (9) hours in studio courses (from 3 different areas)

Art History Majors are required to submit a portfolio of work completed at Aquinas before mid-term of their last semester. See department chairperson for details of this portfolio.
It is recommended that the College’s Foreign Language requirement be fulfilled in either French or German. It is recommended that three (3) semester hours of an elective be fulfilled with three (3) semester hours of AT 398, with directed readings in “Historiography” during the junior or first half of the senior year.

B.A. majors in Art History are required to earn a minimum of eighteen (18) semester hours in art history at Aquinas College. Art History majors are asked to consult with Dr. Joseph Becherer for clarification of these requirements.


  • Global Perspective requirement is met with AT360 Art: A Global Perspective
  • Writing Intensive requirement is met with AT350 Modern Survey or AT391 Contemporary Art
  • Senior Capstone requirement is met with AT400 Art Seminar

Students majoring in Art History are strongly advised to enroll in the following courses as outlined below:

First year, First semester
-AT150 History of Art & Architecture I (AT)
First year, Second semester
-AT151 History of Art & Architecture II (AT)
Second year, First semester
-Art history elective
Second year, Second semester
-Art history elective
Third year, First semester
-AT350 Modern Survey (AT, WI)
Third year, Second semester
-AT391 Contemporary Art (AT, WI)


  • AT150 History of Art and Architecture I (3) AT

    Course offered fall only. A survey of global art from pre-history to 1300 CE.

  • AT151 History of Art and Architecture II (3) AT

    Course offered spring only. A survey of global art from 1300 CE to the present.

  • AT350 Modern Art (3) AT, WI

    Course offered fall only. A survey of modern art practices in Europe and the United States from 1880 to 1945.

  • AT420 Theory & Methods of Art History (3) SC

    This intensive course introduces the history, philosophy, and practice of the field of art history from antiquity to the present, reflecting on how different theoretical approaches shape thinking and writing about art.

  • AT275 Renaissance Art in Rome, Florence, and Venice (3) AT

    Course offered fall of even years An investigation of the masters and monuments from 1250–1550. Emphasis is placed on Italy culminating in a study of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael and their legacy; however, Northern masters and styles will be introduced.

  • AT391 Contemporary Art (3) AT, WI

    Course offered spring only An exploration of the primary currents in the visual arts from 1945 through the present. Leading figures and artistic currents in the United States and Europe are discussed as will the expanding role of art theory and criticism.