Alumni at Aquinas College

Distinguished Service Award

We celebrate alumni who have demonstrated significant service to Aquinas College at the annual Awards Gala.


2018 Recipient

Karen Palmore '89

The Alumni Association Leadership Council honors Karen Palmore ‘89 with the Distinguished Service Award. Karen recently retired from UBS Financial Services, where she and her husband led the team Palmore Consulting Group to top honors in West Michigan, across the nation and internationally. All the while, she was serving her church, Cascade Fellowship, and community, including acting as Trustee on the Clark Retirement Community Board for nine years.

Karen served on the Aquinas Fund as a co-chair. Then, she was asked in 2003 to serve on the Board of Trustees, where she served for the next nine years. During this time, she served on the Executive Committee of the board and as chair of the Board Advancement Committee. In 2012, she was given the honorary lifetime title of trustee emerita for her service to the College.



  • Alumni and Friends of the College shall be eligible for the award.
  • Time, effort, and monetary gifts on behalf of Aquinas College shall constitute the criteria in considering a candidate for the award. The award may recognize one, two, or three of these elements.
  • The Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna award shall be presented at the Awards Gala during Homecoming Weekend.

Past Recipients

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1971 Honoree

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1991 Honoree

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1992 Honoree

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1997 Honoree

Edward "Ned" Smtih, Sr. '61
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1999 Honoree

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2000 Honoree

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2001 Honoree

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2004 Honoree

Estelila "Stella" Ferris '88 †
2005 Honoree

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Kathleen (Hieshetter '87) Lown

2006 Honorees

Lee E. Jacokes, Ph.D. '61
2007 Honoree

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2008 Honoree

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2009 Honoree

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2010 Honoree

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2017 Honoree